Friday, 27 February 2015

Chai lattes & happy meals!

Hi! I hope you're all having a great Friday. We have been winding down ready for the weekend, I always seem to relax a bit more on Friday's and I love it! It's like an extra day to the weekend ;)

This morning we woke up and had sofa snuggles with our milk/coffee before making breakfast. It was lovely & gave us chance to wake up before diving straight into the day. We used to do this every morning when Sienna was younger. It's nice to bring it back :)

We popped into town to have a browse & I picked some lunch up from M&S. I have never got food for there before, I actually always forget they do salads and things for lunches. I got the Apple, pea, lime and mint drink, Super chicken, spinach and quinoa soup and the nutty super whole food salad.

Everything was really delicious and nutritious for an on-the-go lunch! I was impressed. The soup had good sized bits of chicken in and enough substance to fill you up. The salad has the same, lots more too it than a normal 'salad' and I loved the crunch addition of the almonds! The drink was refreshing.. although all I could think about was the macho peas you can get from Nando's as it does taste like that.. anything with peas and mint always reminds me of that! haha! Over all though it was a great satisfying but delicious lunch, I'll definitely be going back for more :)

I also tried a Soy Chai latte for he first time from Costa when we were out. It does taste a bit like Christmas so felt a little bit wrong but it tasted delicious! New favourite I think!

Even though I had my nutritious foods for lunch, I got Sienna a happy meal! I know.. bad mum points but sometimes you just have to live a bit! She loved having her 'surprise box', bless her! She got a little Shaun the sheep spoon she is acing for her cereal in the morning ;)

This afternoon we've been playing with all her toys and reading instead of her being on my phone. Ever since discovering YouTube on my phone, it's all she asks for. As well as the egg surprise videos she also loves the 'Heroes of the city' channel. They have a great range of videos from the actual episodes (there's one here) to crafting how-to's such as this one. The crafting ones actually give us some good ideas sometimes so it is worth being subscribed too! The longer episodes are also a life saver when trying to keep her quiet/occupied while in restaurants or doing the food shop.

I do try to distract her by playing hands on with her every now and then though, so she doesn't have too much TV/technology time. A few weeks a go, I actually took part in survey with MyVoucherCodes about parenting worries with technology. Although Sienna is only 2 at the moment, I do think about the way social media is going and worry about what it will be like when she is older.. She already seems addicted! At the moment I am in control but when she is older and has her own phone, I will lose that and it's a bit worrying. The results of that survey are over on Tech lounge here if you fancy a read!

Have a great Friday afternoon/evening!

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Friday favourites #3

Hi everyone! Hope you've all had a good week! We had a hard start to the week as Sienna was a bit poorly, I was a bit poorly (and exhausted) and we were finding everything a bit too hard. Thankfully my energy returned half way through the week and Sienna started feeling better, so we are ending on a happier note, woo! 

Here's this week's Friday Favourites! 

Our new clock

We recently got this clock from Wilko for our living room. I have wanted a big clock for ages but never found one I really liked however when I seen this, I thought it was perfect and is such a great price as well! I think it looks great up on our wall and is fab quality too, I think it looks more expensive than it is. I'll be popping into Wilko for home bits more often now!

Nature's Aid Minidrops for kids

I have been meaning to get some vitamins for Sienna for ages, particularly Vitamin C as we are allergic to oranges so probably lack in that vitamin. I've never been sure which ones to go for or if she would take them. These Nature's Aid mini drops are brilliant as they are free from artificial colours, flavours and have no added sugar so are on the more natural side. They also have a dropper as the name suggests so it's easy to drop the correct amount into their juice or milk without them noticing. 

Freeze 24-7 Eye cream

I have recently noticed how noticeable the lines around my eyes are becoming! I'm only 23 so kind of freaked out and immediately started using a serum and cream around my eyes as I used to forget/not bother.. tut tut! This Freeze 24-7 eye cream from look fantastic is AMAZING! They describe it as 'an advanced treatment which targets the signs of sleep deprivation and ageing, and is specifically designed for the delicate skin around the eye area. The cream helps to nourish and hydrate the delicate skin, moisturising and boosting the skin cells to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness'. I definitely agree with that, it is so good that I have decided to only use it on special occasions as I never want it to run out! 

100 calorie chocolate biscuit bars

Say what?! 100 calories.. chocolate.. biscuit.. Sounds too good to be true..!
It's no secret how much of a sweet tooth I have, so when Tasty Little Numbers asked if they could send us some of their chocolate biscuit bars to try out, I couldn't say no. These bars are so delicious.. a coating of delicious chocolate with sweet, crunchy biscuit inside. It's so hard to believe these are only 100 calories each and naturally gluten free! They're the perfect snack to give you that chocolatey hit without going too overboard on the calories. Love!

Gorgeous flowers

I was very kindly sent this gorgeous bouquet of Mother's Day Flowers yesterday. The flower delivery came just in time to brighten me up as I was on the lemsips suffering a head cold, boo! This is the 'Designer Grace' bouquet and I chose it because it's so spring like with the peaches, pinks and whites, I love it! They're a lovely idea for Mother's Day.. If you'd like to order one, you can use the code DFBLOG25 to get 25% off all bouquets (except the Flowers by post range).

Some inter web favs..

-This grain free apple cake
-Because Being Healthy Means Not ALWAYS Being Healthy,
-The Nive Nulls pregnancy announcement video
-This skirt
-30 min fat burning kickboxing workout

What are you loving this week?!
PS. don't forget I'm giving away an Olloclip here!

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

What we've been up too..

I haven't posted for a few days as I feel like I haven't had the time but I have missed it. Every evening I have wanted to write a post sharing our day but just not got round it.. I either have work to do or videos to edit! 

As I have a lot to share I thought I would just do a round up of what we've been up too this week so far!

Lots of eating! Well, more so me... oops! Sienna has decided she doesn't like food much this week unless it's chocolate.. uh oh!

We have been hibernating a lot as the weather has been pretty awful and Sienna has another cold. Argh, they're so annoying and just linger around.

I've been featured on Channel Mum!

We've done dressing up..


and we've done Pipecleaner/strainer/googly eye fun.

Warren and I have also been doing Wedding bits & bobs. We are trying to decide our guest list for final before our save the dates go out. It's so hard.. we don't have enough budget to invite all of our family as there is so many people so are having to narrow it down but still make it fair! This wedding cost calculator is quite helpful, we put in all our details and it did come out at more than what we have budgeted for but they are quite generous, a lot of things we know we will be able to get for cheaper so I think we were about right with our estimation. If you are just starting to work out your budget it's a great tool to use as a starting point to get a rough idea :)

What have you been up too this week?

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Get out of the fashion rut

Even if you are a regular shopper, most of the times you might end up finding yourself shopping almost the same styles and colours. Most of us are afraid of experimenting and unconsciously end up getting stuck into a rut. The key to fashion is to mix up your wardrobe and always try out something new everytime.

So this one time I was searching for free online bingo games. Though I usually prefer playing on New Look Bingo for the free bingo games and generous bonuses and deals, I thought to try out some different site this time. While browsing, I happened to bump into this fashion website. The articles were quite insightful for fashion aficionados like me.

According to me, the best way to change your wardrobe is to browse online for best inspiration. Alternatively, you can also flip through the pages of fashion magazines. And you don’t necessarily have to fork out for designer wears. You can shop something good and inexpensive. You see everytime it doesn’t have to cost you earth when you are on a shopping spree. 

It is also fun to try out something which you generally don’t wear. Best would be to go out with a friend and allow her to pick few items for you. It will be fun indeed.

One of the major reasons why most of us get stuck in a fashion rut is because we don’t want to experiment anything new and different. So try something different everytime you are on a shopping spree. This is the only way you can get out of the fashion rut. 

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Olloclip review & giveaway!

Olloclip review & giveaway!

This week Sienna and I have been trying out the Olloclip. If you haven't heard of the Olloclip before, it is a photo lens for your phone. If like me, you are constantly snapping pictures on your phone, the Olloclip is a must have. It's easy to use, quick to change modes and gives your photos a new creative lease of life.

The 3 lenses are fisheye, macro and wide-angle. 

(fish eye)


(wide angle)

The Fish Eye is a fun one and creates some cool & unique looking pictures.The Wide-Angle is brilliant for landscape photos or when trying to photograph tall buildings etc. The Macro takes amazing up close and personal photos compared the standard iPhone camera.

I have really enjoyed using the Olloclip and think it is a must have item for me now. It is permanently in my bag in it's little case for when I'm out and about. It's also been so helpful in photographing products for the blog as my 'big' camera has broken, so my phone is all I have. If you're as addicted to taking photos and Instagram as me, you need an Olloclip in your possession! 

Lucky for you, Olloclip have kindly allowed me to do a giveaway for you. There is one Olloclip up for grabs!

Please read the T&Cs before entering.
T&Cs.. Please ensure Olloclip do a lense to fit your phone before entering, you can check here. No cash alternative. 18 years and over only. 

Enter below and as always, good luck! :)

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