Tuesday, 24 November 2015

How to baby proof your home

Babyproofing your home is an important part of bringing up your child safely – more specifically, when your tiny person starts being able to move of their own accord. There may be many things that are a hazard to your child, but they just haven’t occurred to you as such.
Babies usually start crawling at eight months, and will then start pulling on things to help them stand and eventually walk. The first thing that you should do is to take a baby’s eye view, and get down to their level. Think about what is in reach, and what looks tempting. This should help you to figure out which drawers and cupboards that you child might get into.

These are the things that you should consider:
  • Make sure cleaning products, medicines, vitamins, etc are out of reach and locked away.
  • Protect plug sockets with covers. If you can, replace any sockets with ones that include a safety latch. 
  • Bolt heavy furniture, such as bookcases, TV sets, appliances, to the wall so it cannot be pulled over. Try to ensure that pieces are bottom heavy, with heavier items at the bottom of the bookcase. 

Men's Christmas gift guide

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's Women's gift guide.. today it is time for the men's! I always find men so hard to find so I do like doing these to give some inspiration. Everyone needs a pair of wellies, especially with this awful weather we've been having so these Joules wellies from Shoetique are fab. They are Classic and subtle and as you can imagine with Joules, amazing quality. They are made from a vulcanised rubber upper so are durable and they have a thick neoprene lining to add warmth and keep the cold out. Such a practical yet stylish present.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Women's Christmas gift guide

I know some people think it's still too early to speak about Christmas but as far as I'm concerned, Christmas starts in November so we are well into the Christmas festivities now. This is my ladies gift guide to give you some inspiration if you are like me and have started (or nearly finished!) your Christmas shopping.

First up is one for the skin care lovers with this gorgeous Dermalogica set. This is the Intensive Moisture Balance Set made up of the 100ml Intensive Moisture balance moisturiser and a mini Essential cleansing solution and a soft durable silicon facial sponge. This set is specifically for dry/dehydrated skin and works wonders, the moisturiser really sinks in to the deeper layers and the cleansing solution cleans the skin but doesn't strip it of it's natural oils. The sponge really helps cleanse deeper to give you a better looking complexion. The products contain no artificial fragrance or colours either so are great for sensitive skin too.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

A day in the life #1

(from Tuesday 17th November)

6:30am I hear Warren's alarm go off and I feel annoyed it is the morning already. I know Sienna will be in soon so I try and get a few more minutes rest.

7:00 To my surprise it's 7 before Sienna comes in. She is a bit quiet and says her tummy hurts before crawling into our bed and having 5 minutes of snuggles. 

7:05 She's decided it's breakfast time and is dragging me out of bed so we head downstairs. I make some coffee and give her a banana to eat while I sit and drink my coffee and try to wake up.

7:45 I decide I want bacon for breakfast so put some in the grill and do the dishwasher and feed Piper while it's cooking. Sienna decides she wants porridge so I make her that. I also finish my breakfast off with some scrambled eggs with tomato and defrost some banana bread

8:00 Sienna finishes her breakfast so I clean her up. Warren is still upstairs getting ready for work so Sienna goes up to see him and I get to eat my breakfast in peace and catch up on some YouTube videos. 

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Pregnancy | 27 weeks & 2nd trimester must haves!

How far along? 27 weeks!!

Total weight gain/measurements: I don't weigh myself!
Maternity clothes: Still in the same ones, no new ones yet!
Stretch marks? No new ones still thankfully! I am applying oil most nights when I remember.
Best moment this week: Seeing our baby girl in our 4d scan! So amazing!!
Miss anything? Being able to walk without being sore! My pelvis is suffering a bit!
Movement: All the time! Rolls and kicks! They are starting to get a bit uncomfortable though as her big ones are BIG and stretch my stomach haha!
Food cravings: This week it's been roasted begins, so weird!! haha
Anything making you queasy or sick? I have started to feel a bit sick after my breakfast but then it turns into heartburn and I reach for the Gaviscon. It makes no difference what I have for breakfast either.
Gender: GIRL!!!

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