Friday, 31 October 2014

Joules wish list; Me & Mini Me


I'm becoming more and more of a fan of Joules lately and I particularly love the floral prints. I have my eye on a few things, some for me and some for Sienna so I thought I'd share a little wish list of what we're lusting after. It might also give my family some inspiration for christmas presents too.. hint hint ;)

Sienna really needs some wellies and a new raincoat. She is currently squeezing into her old ones but they aren't going to last much longer! I love the pattern of the hot pink floral print so these are perfect. I also adore the scarf and ear muffs; totally an essential for the Winter! The long sleeved tops would be great for everyday wear for Sienna and the quality is so good they should last a while and keep her nice and warm. Last but not least I couldn't not include the pyjamas, how cute?! I love the legging style pyjamas and Sienna would love the horse print.

For me, I've included some home bits. I absolutely love the Creme floral print for the home, it's girlie with the florals but has the navy and mustard which feels a bit more 'grown up' than the pink. The oven gloves are perfect, I wish I could have my whole kitchen decked out in this print! I also love the knitted style cushion in the mustard for our bedroom. The cute ankle wellies are prefect to throw on for just short walks with jeans a top.. talking of tops, this shirt is a lovely print for day time, I find Joules shirts always fit nicely too. The dresses & tunics from Joules are always a winner too, this stripy one would be great for day time or for a night out with the girls.

What are you loving from Joules right now?

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It's not all doom & gloom

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There may certainly be a bitter chill in the air, and the leaves may well have fallen from the trees around us, but that isn’t to say that the darkness of winter has set in quite just yet. There are still plenty of lovely, happy things about the cooler months, so there’s no need to panic!

Halloween is literally looming right around the corner, and if you haven’t got your pumpkin sorted just yet, now might be the right time! The kids – and you – will need to think of a costume as well, and there are absolutely loads of ideas out there. If the idea of scary witches and ghouls are going to bring on nightmares for months, you can avoid this by choosing princess, prince or warrior costumes instead. Don’t forget to buy some sweeties, too, to brighten up the nights of the freezing cold trick or treaters as well.

There’s nothing prettier – or brighter – than some fireworks on Guy Faulkes night. Not only is it an excuse to dress up in your winter warmest, it’s a perfect excuse to teach your kids about the dangers surrounding fire safety. Bonfire Night is a British tradition, and it’s a really nice night out for everyone. Get your sparklers at the ready and the stuff in to make some lovely hot chocolates afterwards. Just make sure any pets and safe and sound before you go out!

Of course, your home might start to feel a little drabber in the winter, too. Sadly, with less hours of sunlight, there’s a lot less light seeping through the windows, creating a rather more depressing effect. Why not treat yourself to some lovely flowers available by post to your door from Floric? They have some really charming colours available and hopefully, they’ll be able to make you smile. The darkness is often what causes so many people to be unhappy over the shorter days, and since flowers remind many of us of bright, sunny days, you can recreate a summery image.

It might not seem like the right time of year for a spring clean just yet, but it really helps, trust me. Just getting those shorts and T shirts out of your eye line where there won’t depress you will work absolute wonders for your happiness! Car boot sales are also a good plan, especially if you want to make a little spare cash to sort out your winter wardrobe. Unfortunately, according to this article by Everyday Loans, so many of us will be rationing our heat bills this winter and so it never hurts to have something saved for our family for a rainy day.

Wrap up warm and remember – spring will be here before you know it!

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Cosy Autumn nights in

Mug - B&M // Onesie - Tipsy Elves*

I'm definitely a home bird and that's probably why Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of the year; the cold dark nights are the perfect excuse to stay in (unless it's bonfire night). A nice, relaxing candle, a biiiiiig mug of green tea and a cosy onesie is everything I need for a snuggly night on the sofa.

This onesie is my choice for this year, it's pink and girlie but still festive with the white rambling reindeer and tradition fair isle pattern. I got mine in a size small and it fits really well, it is big enough to be comfortable yet it's not massive; I'm not tripping over because my feet appear to have turned into fabric flippers ;) The quality is brilliant too, it's a good thick material (100% premium acrylic yarn) and the inside is so soft and fleecy, it keeps me so warm! I will be wearing this all Winter and most definitely Christmas Eve.. did I just mention Christmas in October? Oh yes I did ;)

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Are There Legitimate Risks in Getting a Prenatal Ultrasound?

*This post was written for by Glenn Josephik. Glenn is an account representative and the marketing coordinator at MedCorp LLC, the industry leader and premier business source for used portable ultrasound systems. You can follow Glenn Josephik on Google+.

Finding out you are pregnant starts a whirlwind of activity. It seems as if there are a million things to do before your baby’s arrival with only nine months to cram it all in. Not only do you have to grow a human being, but also navigate the world of prenatal care.

Choosing the best options for you and your baby may seem intimidating, but one thing expectant moms shouldn’t worry about is a prenatal ultrasound exam. An ultrasound is a safe and routine procedure where high-frequency sound waves are transmitted through the abdomen using a device called a transducer. This allows the technician to see inside of the abdomen. Echoes are then recorded and transformed into video or photographic images of your baby.

Ultrasounds are non-invasive and do not utilize any radiation. Despite the documented safety of prenatal ultrasounds, you may hear that the sonic energy used by the ultrasound transforms into heat, which could impact a fetus’s health. However, be assured that the Federal Food and Drug Administration has strict guidelines on the energy levels emitted by ultrasound machines, so there is no need to worry about an ultrasound harming your baby in any way.

Ultrasounds are typically scheduled in the second trimester, but can be safely performed at any stage of pregnancy. After scheduling your first prenatal ultrasound, you will be asked to come to the facility with a full bladder. This allows for a clearer image of your baby and is the only potentially uncomfortable aspect of the exam. Once the ultrasound begins, the technician will rub a lubricant on your stomach and then move a transducer over the surface of your skin. A nearby monitor will display an image of what is going on inside your abdomen, where you will be able to see your baby for the first time.

An ultrasound exam will also provide you important information about your baby like its size and position. If there is a history of multiples in your family, an ultrasound can also determine how many fetuses are present. Depending on when the ultrasound is performed, it is also possible for the sex of your baby to be revealed.

Although most pregnancies only require one ultrasound, it is just as safe to have multiple ultrasounds performed. However, your doctor may recommend against this because of the time and cost involved. Additionally, there are non-medical facilities that offer ultrasounds to provide expectant parents keepsake photos and videos of their baby. Again, the ultrasound itself is perfectly safe, but your doctor may recommend against these unnecessary exams because a technician with no medical training might perform the ultrasound and miss an important change in your pregnancy.

While pregnancy can be a stressful time, there is no need to stress about an ultrasound. If you are pregnant, be sure to discuss with your doctor the best timetable for scheduling your ultrasound appointment. The hardest part will then be waiting for your ultrasound so you can finally see your growing baby!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My everyday jewellery style

I can't go out without wearing earrings. I don't know why or what it is but I don't feel dressed without my earrings in, especially if I have my hair up. I will even put them in if I'm not going anywhere, I guess now it's just habit after doing it for years and years. I don't go too over the top, nothing dangly or coloured; I stick to simple stud earrings like these below from Anjolee. 

I guess that sums up my whole jewellery style. I tend to go for silver on an everyday basis and I never go for anything coloured, it's always diamond style because I do like a little bit of bling, in a subtle classic way. 

I have mentioned before I like my jewellery to have a meaning as well and that's why I love my troll beads bracelet and my little pinkies necklace. If you haven't heard about them already, my little pinkies necklace has a little silver disc and printed on it is Sienna's handprint. I absolutely love it! On the other side of it is her date of birth. We didn't get any handprints from Baby conway but when we name him/her I am hoping to get another disc with just the name and date of birth on.

My troll beads bracelet is a recent addition and I have blogged about it recently so I will link that here if you want to read more about it.

That's all I wear on a day to day basis, sometimes I may switch it up and wear a statement necklace instead but not very often!

What's your jewellery style like?
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