Saturday, 23 July 2016

Essentials for travelling with a toddler

Its holiday season!! While for the most part, we are looking forward to a summer getaway we always feel a little dubious when it comes to travelling with a child, especially one that is in the realms of the terrible twos!
But fear not, it can be done, all you need is some inner strength, a little gin, a long list and my tips below…. 

Appropriate Clothing
I know, I know – it’s a tricky one. England is cold, destination is (most likely) very warm at least….So, it’s likely that in most scenarios the answer to your problems is layers! I can’t speak for boys as I am only accustomed to girls, but my favourite travel outfit is a cotton dress with cardigan and when necessary, leggings. I find cardigans come in great use for a pillow!
If I’m really honest, sometimes I even forgo knickers (only if leggings are involved) because sitting next to a child with hyper sensitive skin complain about seams hurting her in a confined space is not my idea of fun. I’ve also found that we need quick access when it comes to going to the loo – a simple sundress is perfect for this; no ruffles or frills, just give me cotton simplicity, H&M do brilliant little sundresses! 
My little one doesn’t care much for shoes, so when it comes to air travel, a like to steer away from laces or dozens of Velcro straps as much as I can and opt for slip on ballet flats or sandals with the elasticated back. 

The experts say don’t use food as a reward or distraction technique, but let’s be honest for a minute – sometimes it’s just necessary! Not only does travelling mean being in a fairly small vessel, thousands of feet in the air for hours at a time. It also means queueing and exhibiting a level of patience. 
Have you ever met a 2 year old with patience? No, me neither. BECAUSE THEY DON’T EXIST; their beautiful, inquisitive little minds want all the information ALL the time! But give them snacks and oh look, their attention is focused!
I’m not for one minute suggesting that you cram your child full of sugar that is not going to help anyone, but pack a supply of their favourite foods. My hand luggage always contains cheese sticks, snack pots of fruit, vegetable sticks, biscuits, raisins, small bag of chocolate buttons – you get my drift. Things that can be consumed little and often. 
I am strict with the drink that I pack, so plain water it is. If I pack something that is on the ‘YES PLEASE!’ list, it will be gone in seconds and I will spend the next 2 hours back and forth to the loo. I would like to enjoy at least 1 gin and tonic on the flight so anything sweet and lovely is out I’m afraid. 

Friday, 22 July 2016

What would we do if we won the lottery?

I have teamed up with Lottoland and they kindly gave me £25 credit so I can play on their site.. We did the Powerball and the Euromillions and are crossing our fingers & toes! We also had some fun on a few scratch cards! I don't think we'll actually win, but it's a bit of fun to try and it got me thinking about what we would really do if we won the lottery. 

The first thing we'd do is buy a house which is probably cliche but a nice family home is important to me. I've been dreaming of a big country cottage with a gorgeous garden for years so we would try and scout our perfect house first and buy that. It would take us ages though as we have a big checklist... big spacious kitchen with an island in the middle, lots of storage and an aga, a big fireplace in the living room, a large bathroom with stand alone bath. A few acres of land with a few animals, maybe some ponies for the girls.. an outdoor heated pool.. you get the just ;)

Friday Favourites!

Weaning Aria
We decided to start weaning Aria last week and it has been so much fun! Aria loves it and was so ready for food. She definitely knew what it was and opened her mouth straight away for the spoon! I will be doing a more in depth update soon!

Alive! Calcium soft jell
As Sienna and I have a sensitivity to dairy, we don't have much and I do worry about how much calcium we get. Alive! have just launched this new calcium supplements that are a soft jelly type vitamin and taste like strawberry suitable for everyone from 3+! They're really delicious and help put my mind at ease that we are getting enough Calcium. They sent us a whole Calcium kit all based around getting more calcium in and keep our teeth and bones healthy. These vitamins also contain a superior formulation of Vitamin D, Calcium and Phosphorus so you’ll be hitting the Government’s recommended dosage by taking them! Alive! Calcium Soft Jells are £14.99 for a month supply and available to buy from Holland & Barratt or

Thursday, 21 July 2016

How to save money on fun family days out

Now that your kids have finished school for the summer, you’ll undoubtedly want to take them on a few fun filled days out. This is a chance for you and your children to visit somewhere new, have fun and learn new things together. But with family attractions becoming more expensive each year, you might think you are unable to afford it. However, there are some things you can do to make your family’s days out more affordable and budget friendly. So even if you’ve only got a small budget to work with, here are some tips and trick you might want to try.

Look for discounts

Whether it’s free entry or cheaper food, there are many discounts you could be taking advantage of. Many family attractions will provide vouchers and online discounts to entice more families to visit them. See your desired attractions websites directly to see what offers your family can take advantage of. You can also find Groupon promo codes at Plusvouchercode. Keep an eye out for 2 for 1 vouchers on food packaging too as this is a popular promotional method for top attractions. Remember to always read the terms and conditions to ensure you use the discounts correctly.  You may discover that you are able to use a combination of codes or discounts to get even bigger savings.

Don’t drive

While driving is very convenient, the cost of petrol and parking fees can add up and take a huge chunk out of your budget. So why not leave your car at home and use public transport instead. This can add some excitement to your journey, while also helping you save more money. Family tickets are extremely affordable and will cost you a lot less than a tank of petrol. Many bus companies can also take you right to the entrance of the theme park or museum you are visiting. Some bus and train providers will also offer reduced entry prices to major attractions if you buy a family ticket. Visit their websites to discover the terms and to see which attractions you can gain entry to.

Mummy style with

I was recently sent a few items from to feature and I have been wearing these two items so much since I got them! This above is a gorgeous grey dress, I love the simplicity of it, it doesn't look too much to wear in the day but is still super flattering with the wrap detailing. 

It hangs really nicely and is a good length too. It's also versatile for the weather, I can wear it on it's own on the hotter days or team it with tights, boots and a leather jacket on colder days. It also skims over the mummy tummy which is fab!

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