Thursday, 25 August 2016

The secret life of Piper!

*This post is sponsored by Petplan and they also gifted me the camera to film with.

Sienna has been really obsessed with 'The secret life of pets' movie ever since it's been out.. even though we haven't seen it yet! We have been meaning to take her, we just haven't got round to it what with having Aria and planning the wedding.. but we have promised we will see it soon and I urge you too ;)

  The Secret Life of Pets © 2016 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. 

She loves watching the trailer and knows all the characters already, I think she has a few cuddly toys as well! She loves seeing what they get up to and it got us questioning what Piper does when we're away and what 'secret' life she has! 

We were kindly sent a camera that connects to my phone so we are able to watch Piper when we're out and about or in bed. We're also able to record little bits of it so I have put some clips together that I've taken over the past few days for you to see! 

Monday, 22 August 2016

How we taught Aria to self-settle; The pick up, put down method

How we taught Aria to self-settle; The pick up, put down method

I mentioned in my post about the 2-3-4 sleep schedule that the only way I could Aria to sleep was either by her falling asleep on the bottle or in the car. So if we didn't go out for the day or nap time didn't coincide with a feed, I was pretty much screwed and she wouldn't nap. 

Once I figured out the timings of her naps, I tried to work on self-settling as it was crucial for her sleeping properly. I know some people don't agree that babies can learn to self-settle but we did it with Sienna and she is a fab sleeper now and she doesn't seem like she has been neglected. I never leave them to 'scream it out'.

With Sienna, we did the controlled crying but with Aria I wanted something a bit more gentle because she is a bit more sensitive and tends to get herself in a bit more of a state than Sienna used too. So I found the 'Pick up, put down' method. 

The method
1. You baby down to nap at nap time or bed at bedtime, hopefully they are slightly drowsy because it is the correct sleep time. (If it coincides with a feed, I feed her in her cot but I make sure to sit her up and wind her to 'wake her up' a little bit before lying her down and letting her self settle. I try not to let her fall asleep on the bottle).
2. If she cries, pick her up. Use a 'shh' to comfort her but don't engage much more than that.
3. As soon as they have settled/stopped crying, you lay them down again.
4. If she starts crying again, repeat step 2 and 3. Keep going until she starts to stay settled when you lay her down.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Introducing new Pampers Baby-Dry!

Did you know that babies spend around half their time asleep? Those precious hours aren’t just important for their mood, but they also have a positive impact on their development, too! Babies getting enough sleep is something I'm passionate about, which is why I am so excited that Pampers are launching a brand new innovation and upgrade to UK parents’ #1 nappy choice: introducing 3 Absorbing Channels! New Pampers Baby-Dry feature a revolutionary nappy design with 3 Absorbing Channels and unique Micro Pearls™ that distribute wetness more evenly and lock it away for up to 12 hours. With less wet bulk in the morning, so your LO can wake up smiling! And, UK parents agree: 
New Pampers Baby-Dry has been recommended by 88% of UK parents *
New Pampers Baby-Dry are also been BritMums Bloggers Approved, Mumsnet Rated, Mother & Baby Tried and Tested and 90% of Netmums mums would recommend New Pampers Baby-Dry.

With New Pampers Baby-Dry working as hard as possible, you’re LO can say goodbye to wet bulky nappy and hello to a dry night’s sleep.

To celebrate the launch of New Pampers Baby-Dry, Pampers are working with baby sleep expert Jo Tantum - who is a member of the Pampers Love, Sleep & Play panel and has 25 years’ experience helping hundreds of families to achieve a peaceful night’s sleep! Jo has identified 5 sleep typologies that may help you to understand your baby’s sleep habits and needs better - so, is your little one a Starfish, Skylark, Sloth, Owl or Meerkat sleeper? Take a look and let me know using #PampersBabyDry! 

  • This is when your baby sleeps in the same position, on their back with legs and arms out. They also wake up often and regularly, but they don’t go back to sleep easily after you intervene with a sleep prop – which they need to get to sleep!
Jo’s Tip – A muslin square, knotted in the middle. Tuck it down your top before giving it to baby so it smells of you and comforts them. Also, try and teach your baby to fall asleep on their own gently. Start in the day, at nap times, watching for tired signs, then settle them for a sleep in their room.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Friday favourites!

BEAR products

Sienna was sent some BEAR products to snack on she's been loving them. They're all natural, have no added sugar, are never from concentrate and are one of your 5 a day which is brilliant! They been a great snack to throw in my bag on our day trips out! She's also been loving the Alphabites cereal that they do. She's such a cereal monster but cereal can be sugary but these again have no added nonsense an no refined sugar, they still take really good though so she gobbles them up! 

Our wedding sign

We were really kindly sent a few personalised items from Ijustloveit and this sign is one of them. I do absolutely love it (good job hey haha!) and think it will look fab at our wedding! I will featuring the other bits in a video over on my YouTube channel so keep a look out for that :)

Thursday, 18 August 2016

6 months of sisters!

We've had 2 daughters for a whole 6 months now and it's been hard but incredible! I always wanted a little sister when I was growing up so to be able to give Sienna a little sister is kind of like a dream come true.. not to mention I have always wanted at least 1 girl myself, so to get 2 is amazing. I still pinch myself most days!

Sienna has adapted to being a big sister so well, we're so proud of her! She's been patient, understanding, gentle, helpful, affectionate.. she absolutely loves her little sister and hasn't shown much jealousy at all.. just lots of love.

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