Sunday, 2 August 2015

Beefeater in the Summer Holidays

Beefeater have some good deals for children throughout the Summer holidays. From 20th July until 30th August, kids get a free Mr Men toy with every 2 or 3 course meal and there are 6 different ones to collect. Or if you fancy going for breakfast, kids eat FREE (up to two under-16s eat breakfast for free when one adult orders a full Premier Inn Breakfast. Served daily until 10.30am). 

Beefeater kindly invited us to try out their restaurant as we hadn't been before. We originally booked the table for 3 of us but unexpectedly, my mum and dad joined us so when we got there we had to add 2 people onto our group. It wasn't a problem and we were seated within 5 minutes which was great. Our first impressions of the restaurant was really good; the staff seemed welcoming and helpful and the restaurant looked modern and fresh, I loved the decor. 

My mum, dad and Warren ordered starters. Warren the garlic prawns, my dad the prawn cocktail and my mum got the pulled beef and yorkshire pudding. They all said they were delicious and I loved the idea of the beef and yorkshire pudding, a really unique starter! 

Garlic prawns

Friday, 31 July 2015

Current toddler favourites!

Now Sienna is 2 and a half she is becoming very opinionated and you know kids; they will tell you the truth! She has been telling me exactly what she wants and doesn't want and what she likes and doesn't like so I thought I'd do a favourites for her so I can share some toddler products. 

I've wanted a trampoline like this for Sienna for a while but just haven't got round to it. I wish I had got one sooner though as she loves it and it definitely helps her bounce off some energy! This one is from House of Fraser and is a great size. I was a bit worried about putting it together but with a bit of help from Warren, it wasn't too bad and feels really sturdy. It is a great size, not too big so we can bring it inside for her if the weather is bad so it's a great product for all weather!

Summer clothes have been a favourite all month, despite the horrible weather we've had! She is convinced it is hot everyday because I told her it is the 'summer holidays', haha bless! She loves her new sandals from George at Asda and has worn them pretty much everyday even if only around the house.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Adapting your home for toddlers

Your idea of a relaxed family home will certainly change once your children become inquisitive little explorers. Because sometimes no matter how hard you try to put things out of reach they still somehow manage to crawl, climb or manoeuvre their way to your most precious objects. 
Encouraging your child to play and explore safely is important for their independence, but you don’t have to sacrifice style over safety.  

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A day out at Farmer Palmer's!

Yesterday we had a fab day out at Farmer Palmer's with a few other blogging friends! I bravely drove all the way down to Poole, it took us a little over an hour but we made it ok only taking one wrong road! We met up with Claire, Amy and Alice and all the kids so they could burn off some energy.

I didn't take many photos as we wanted to chill out after the long drive and just enjoy the day but I did take a few! I was so impressed with how much there was to do there and the price of admission (£8.75 for me & £4.40 for Sienna) was brilliant, we took a picnic for lunch so it made for a pretty cheap day out. 

We started off in the indoor soft play area, Sienna was a bit hesitant to get going as it was pretty busy and kids running everywhere but she soon got into it. She loved the xylophone and what she called the 'disco tunnel'. 

Are you cooling it down?

Let’s be honest, life is busy, (and I’m afraid to say it), but even busier when you’re a Mum. 
Finding time to exercise is a miracle, let alone taking the time to cool down afterwards. 
But as someone who is dedicated to leading a fit and healthy life, (no matter how busy it gets), I’ve seen first-hand at how dramatically a simple, avoidable injury can change someone’s life. 
As we all know, exercise provides us with so many more benefits than just keeping us fit. 
It provides that bit of ‘me time’ that’s so rare to find, and boosts our mood, so that even on a bad day we can make ourselves feel better. 
We’ve all felt that heavy ache in our bodies after a crazy session in the gym, and this should prompt us to take ten minutes to cool down and stretch out those muscles, but let’s be honest, do we really do that? Or do we all dash out of the class as we’ve got a pile of chores to get on with? Or TV show we might miss the beginning of? 
It was recently reported that warming up can be counterproductive to exercise, but it’s time to take cooling down more seriously. 
Unfortunately we’re no spring chickens anymore, and just giving yourself that 10 minutes to stretch and move around gently after any exercise, will mean that you can keep on doing what you love, well into your first hip replacement! 

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