Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Halo wipes review

Being a Mum means I lug so much 'stuff' around in my bag with me and it seems I only keep adding to my stash. I like to be as organised as possible (most of the time) and I always pack for those 'just incase' situations.

I've recently been trying out these wipes by the brand Halo. They have a wipe for everything; from wiping toilets and surfaces to make-up removal all in handy little travel packs. The wipes are brilliant, they are nice and wet but not too wet and they seem to cleanse really well, whichever one I am using!

When you have toddlers that are picking up god knows what and get themselves in the grubbiest situations, antibacterial protection is what you want. The handy hygienic wipes are fab for this as are the toilet and surface wipes, you can never be sure if things in restaurants or toilets have been cleaned properly so it's best to have some kind of wipe on hand for peace of mind.

These are great for throwing in the changing bag, they don't take up much more room but are always there in an emergency. They are also brilliant for staying over somewhere, holidays, eating out, travelling in the car and of course, hospital bags. I will definitely be stocking back up and chucking a load in my hospital bag for when I go into labour next year and then continuing to carry them in my changing bag.

Halo wipes are available to buy at Boots, Spar, Sainsbury's and Superdrug.

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Monday, 1 September 2014

Play doh; the lifesaver!

I've been chosen to join Mecca's Activities Competition, hosted by Mecca Bingo, which means doing a post about what we've been loving to do over the Summer Holidays. 

Now most of you will know that I am now 13 weeks pregnant and so pretty much the whole of these holidays, I have been stuck indoors suffering with nausea and really bad migraines thanks to all my hormones. 

As much as it's been hard for me, it has been hard for Sienna too. She gets so bored stuck in all day and I haven't even felt well enough to take her for a little walk most days. We've both been struggling. Of course we do the usual playing with her dolls house, reading books and watching Peppa Pig but even those get boring some times. The other day I was wracking my brains for something we could do that A) Would keep Sienna occupied for at least an hour and B) We didn't have to leave the house to do.

One thing sprung to mind; Play-doh!

A chicken and a carrot apparently…!!

We had never had play-doh before as Sienna used to eat everything she touched, then scream when it wasn't food, haha! However I thought now she was a bit older it was worth a go. I found a brilliant, simple recipe from Claire's blog here and we got to work making it as I had all the ingredients already in the cupboard. I thought it had gone horribly wrong at first but just kept stirring and finally we had play-doh! SO simple! 

Sienna was intrigued to play with it and not once did she attempt to eat it. She absolutely loves playing with Play-doh and it keeps her occupied for hours! She loves to cut it, roll it, make shapes, build towers, stretch it, squidge it.. her imagination runs wild and I get to have a little me time, catch up with housework or blogging (like I am right now!).

It may not be the most exciting or expensive activity but it has been a lifesaver for me these past few weeks and just goes to show, sometimes the best things in life are free! 

What activities have your kids been loving?

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Clarks Village clothing haul!

The other day I put up a haul video but it was a bit rushed and you couldn't see the items properly so I thought I'd do a post with photographs to show you. The reason I went is because Sienna kept telling me her shoes were hurting everyday so I needed to get her measured. She has grown a whole size whoops, she is now a 6F. 

Clarks Village clothing haul!

I got her these 2 pairs of shoes, they didn't have much choice as it was an Outlet store and she already has some boots on the way so I thought these would do. Sienna loves her flashy shoes, haha! 

I picked up this puzzle from The Works and will put it back for a Christmas present but I thought it was lovely, I love wooden toys and Sienna is getting into numbers so it's perfect. 

Clarks Village clothing haul!

I got her these two sweater pullovers from Peacocks as she needs Autumn/Winter clothes and these are easy to throw on with jeans for everyday. I love the patterns of both of these, the bottom one is very Joules inspired although they only had a size 3 so it will be put back for Christmas too! 

This backpack (also from Peacocks) is being put back for Sienna's birthday but I couldn't resist, it was half price down to £4 so I couldn't resist. 

I got her this basic three pack of long sleeved tops just to layer up with jeans again or to go under dresses.

This leopard print scarf was down to £2 so I grabbed it for myself, love me some leopard print! 

In Next I got this casual cardigan/jacket, I thought it would be great for throwing on with jeans for trips to the park or just grocery shopping!

Clarks Village clothing haul!

I also got Sienna this cat top and cardigan, I thought they went nice together and would make a nice outfit with her new purple shoes too! These were actually in the full price section of Next but it was the only thing in Sienna's size that I really liked. 

Clarks Village clothing haul!

I got this dress from Yumi which I think is my favourite purchase, again it's very Joules inspired I think but was only £15! It's pull in under the waist so is still great for when I'm pregnant and have a bigger bump, I can see me wearing this a lot and think it will be super flattering when I am bit bigger. 

I popped to Primark a few days before I went to Clarks Village so thought I'd just add it in this haul as it wasn't much. I got Sienna this lovely floral shirt and some basic jeggings. Now she is a bit older I love her in shirts and this one is gorgeous! 

I got this basic knitted tube skirt for me as I find skirts and dresses more comfortable when I'm pregnant. I got a size up so there is growing room, with tights and boots this will be a staple for me! 

I also picked up this loose fitting blouse in this lovely coral colour. These are so handy to wear with leggings when you have a big bump so this will be kept back for when I'm further along! 

I think that is everything, sorry if I have missed out a few bits but this is the bulk of it :) I'm sure you'll see some of it in outfit posts either on here or my Instagram soon!

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Friday, 29 August 2014

10 tips for getting the cheapest broadband

This post was written for Lived With Love by Anthony Hill, a writer at broadbandchoices.co.uk, where you can compare mobile phones, TV packages and the cheapest broadband deals.

If you’ve been with the same provider for a couple of years, you might be paying more than you need to for broadband. Here are 10 tips to help you find a better deal and save money on your broadband and home phone package.

1. Compare prices
Enter your postcode into a comparison website to see the cheapest broadband deals in your area compared in a clear, impartial way. Use one accredited by Ofcom, the UK communications watchdog, to be sure the information shown is accurate and up to date.

2. Switch to a cheaper provider
Once you’ve done your homework and seen what’s actually on offer in your area, the next step is to pick a broadband provider that’s going to help you save money. However, it might not pay to go for the cheapest package - consider value for money, not just the price.

3. Bundle
The four biggest providers in the UK - BT, Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk - all offer TV as well as broadband, and it almost always works out cheaper to get both from one provider instead of getting them separately.

4. Don’t pay for extras you don’t need
Extras like Sky Movies can dramatically increase your monthly bill, but if your broadband’s fast enough, you might find it’s cheaper to stream films on NOW TV or Netflix instead. And there’s no point in paying for anytime calls if you rarely use your landline to call anyone.

5. Find an unlimited package
If there’s more than one or two people in your household using the internet, and you regularly stream stuff on BBC iPlayer, download music from iTunes or make video calls, unlimited usage is the way to go - you could end up having to pay for extra usage otherwise.

6. Check the cost of line rental
The phone line required to get internet can often cost as much - if not more - than the actual broadband package. So before signing up, check the price of line rental.

7. Save money by paying upfront
With BT and TalkTalk you can save £20-£30 over the course of your contract by paying 12 months’ line rental upfront. Not everyone can afford to fork out £120-plus in one go, but if you can your broadband will work out cheaper than it does if you pay line rental monthly.

8. Get broadband without a phone line
If you mainly make calls from your mobile, your broadband may work out cheaper if you ditch your home phone line. You can do this by switching to Virgin Media, the only provider in the UK that offers widely-available broadband that doesn’t require a landline.

9. Look for special offers and rewards
Many providers offer incentives to switch. By using a comparison site to find the cheapest broadband you can see what you can get - like free shopping vouchers or special discounts - and you might find exclusive offers which aren’t even available from the providers themselves.

10. Switch again
Broadband deals change all the time, so make a note of when your contract’s going to expire and have a look around as soon as you’re free to switch again. It doesn’t usually pay to stay loyal, because providers generally save their very best deals for attracting new customers.

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Sienna's birthday wish list!

Siennas birthday wish list

Sienna's birthday is creeping up on us, it's now only a few months away so I need to get cracking! This year we aren't going to do a big party for her like we did last year, I don't think it's necessary to do a party every year, I don't want her expecting it every year as it's very expensive! We my do them every couple of years or so but that's all. This year her birthday falls on a Saturday so we might take her out for the day like swimming or to the zoo depending on the weather, then we still have the Sunday for anyone to visit and see her if they want.

I have already started getting a few bits and bobs here and there for her but I think most of that will be kept back for Christmas! I like to spend more on her for her birthday because I feel birthday's are a bit more special, it is purely Sienna's day unlike Christmas which we all celebrate! For her main present, I really want to get her a big wooden kitchen. She has her small little tikes one but I think she'd love this. She already has some wooden pots, pans, plates etc and all the plastic food and she loves playing with it, she just needs a kitchen for it all! This one is the Prairie kitchen from Beebies Baby Store and I love the colours of it. I also want to get her the Kettle to match so she can at least make the teas ;)

I will get her some other little bits and bobs too, I'll probably pick up some clothes along the way as well as the items above. I have already got her this Peppa Pig backpack from Peacocks and I still want to get her the Cath Kidston apron, Threading animals and Hetty mop & bucket set from ELC, I could honestly get her so much, I love all the wooden sets on Beebies for her kitchen! I could also buy her so many clothes and shoes, little sets for her dolls house etc but I have to stop somewhere! Maybe all that can be for Christmas, hehe!

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