Thursday, 30 June 2016

Travel | Take a break in Nice this summer

Nice expresses the best that the popular Cote D’Azur has to offer and everything you love about a holiday, whether it should be an artistic escapade among the monuments of the Renaissance and the Belle Epoque, or a seaside vacation on the beach with the best restaurants and cafes nearby. 
For parents looking to take a break from the daily grind, what could be better than exploring this friendly cosmopolitan resort town – famous among British tourists – where French, British and other nationalities from around the world gather together to savour the experience of a plush holiday that gives you the best in terms of accommodation, beach resorts, historic centres, and sun-filled beaches?

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Health | 15 snacks to boost energy & productivity

You all know I'm a big fan of eating well and I love learning about nutrition so this infographic I'm sharing today really caught my eye and I've enjoyed having a little look through! 

A lot of you ask me how I eat so well and have energy to workout as well as having two kids etc so I thought this infographic would be interesting to you and fit my blog perfectly!

I try to incorporate a lot of these foods or ingredients into my diet already as I know the benefits of them but I will be trying to add even more in as I have been feeling the tiredness lately.. although that's probably more to do with Sienna's 5:30am wake up calls, haha! 

Some of my favourite snacks are already on here such as cacao (obviously), trail mix, crackers and hummus and fruit and nut butters. These are also great ideas for kids.. Sienna also loves fruit and nut butters, crackers and hummus and turkey roll ups.

Let me know which ones take your fancy!

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Style | Hen night outfit ideas.. I need your help!

My hen night is in August and I'm getting super excited for it. I've started trying to plan my outfit but I am stuck on what to go for! If you don't know from my last post about it, we're going to the races which will be so fun.

I really want a white dress as I think it's kind of standard for the Bride-to-be to dress in white but I have found two very different styles. I didn't want anything too pricey so I have searched on ministry of deals for a discount or voucher code and I found a few. It's a great website to look on when you're trying to save money, they have all different categories too, not just fashion.

One of the dresses I found is quite appropriate for the races, it's a high neck, skater style.. very pretty and very flattering. The other one is quite strappy up the top and is asymmetrical at the bottom so flashes a little bit more skin than the other one. I really like it but I'm unsure if it's a bit too much skin for the races..

Monday, 27 June 2016

I have not 'given up' breastfeeding..

After a recent vlog, I was emotional about wether or not to stop breastfeeding and so many of you commented on it. I know breastfeeding is a highly emotional topic but I didn't expect people's comments to get to me as much as they did.

Don't get me wrong, 90% of the comments were lovely and advised to do what I thought was best for MY family. And that's exactly what I did. 

 Since then, I've done a few videos and I've tried to drop hints that we are now formula feeding.. saying I 'have to do the bottles', 'Aria's just having a bottle' and made I a video with tubs and bottles of aptamil formula powder the background. But still I am being asked if I have 'given up' breastfeeding.

My answer is no.

I have not 'given up'.
I have made a decision to stop.

Summer Home Style - 3 Tips to Brighten Up Your Home This Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to redecorate and turn your home into a bright, cheerful place to relax. While dark, cosy themes are perfect for winter and the colder months, in summer a light, airy theme helps to add to the laid back, bright and warm atmosphere. So how can you turn your home into a summer retreat? Below you’ll discover 3 great tips to get you started.
1. Make those repairs you’ve been putting off
Before getting into actual decorating, it’s a good idea to get the home in tip top shape. This means making those repairs you’ve been putting off. The cold, harsh weather of winter can also cause damage to the home so sorting this out will help create a good canvas for your summer decorating. 
One particular place you should focus your attention on is the windows. They’re going to be a main focus in summer, providing essential light to brighten up the room. Giving them a fresh coat of paint is a good idea, but be sure to get them into good shape first. A high quality dry wood paint and sealer from Mighton Products Limited is the first step you should take. 
2. Add plants to your d├ęcor
Indoor plants not only add a beautiful aesthetic touch to the home in summer, but they also help deliver more oxygen into the room. It also helps you to feel better connected to the outdoors. If you don’t fancy worrying about the maintenance of indoor plants, a vase with cut flowers is a good alternative, though these will need to be changed frequently so consider your budget before choosing this option. 

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