Wednesday, 30 July 2014

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Another Jewellery wish list! I know, I know.. but a girl can never have too much! These are my top picks from marketcrossjewellers and as you can see I've gone for the silver theme. I do love silver jewellery and my everyday jewellery is silver/white gold so it all matches. 

Before this year I didn't even own a watch and now I own three! I have definitely got used to wearing them. This gorgeous one above is lovely as it's a bit smaller and more feminine than my others, I love the bit of bling too. In terms of earrings I'm definitely more into studs; these leaves are gorgeous and perfect for everyday. I'm a bit fan of leaves in general!  For days where I do want to up the bling these swarovski studs are gorgeous yet still understated compared to dangly earrings.

I have been on the look out for a nice silver bracelet or bangle for ages and then I find both of these that I love! The Gucci bracelet is lovely, I love how dainty it is yet it has the heart to add some interest to it with the Gucci logo engraved. The bangle is also lovely, again it has the bling and I love the cross over detail that makes it a bit more bulky than the bracelet. 

What's your favourite thing I picked? 

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Family summer essentials with Home Bargains

The Summer time is perfect for quality family time, having the sun shining really helps lift everyones mood and you want to make the most of the activities we can only really enjoy in the Summer. All your Summer essentials can become expensive but home bargains shows it really doesn't have too with these fab products below at brilliant prices!

Cooler bag RRP £2.49, Velour towel RRP £5.99, Minnie Mouse towel RRP £4.99. 

If you have lots of trips to the beach planned, beach towels are essential, they come in so handy for sunbathing, picnics and of course, drying off. This flip flop velour one is perfect for sunbathing and Sienna adores her Minnie Mouse 'big girl' towel. This cooler bag is also great as you can take your own packed lunch and save money that way too! 

Small beach bucket RRP £1.29.

Of course a trip to the beach with kids is not complete without a bucket and spade. This little set is so cute and has the little watering can too so they can use this is the sand or water. For the price it's such a bargain, you'd pay double or more anywhere else! 

Nivea swim & play sun lotion SPF50 RRP £3.99, Hawaiian Tropic after sun RRP £3.99, Malibu triple lip care balm RRP £1.49.

Protection from the sun is essential for everyone no matter where you are heading, or even if you're just staying in the garden! This Nivea sun lotion is brilliant as it's SPF 50 so gives ultimate protection and is very water proof meaning Sienna won't wash it off while dribbling, spilling juicing and pouring water over her head! For me. I'm loving these SPF 30 lip balms, many people forget about their lips but everything needs protecting from the sun! These are in 3 yummy scents and again is just a bargain! If you do catch the sun a little too much, an after sun can be so soothing and this Hawaiian tropic one is perfect and smells of lime, yum! 

Xpel Mosquito & insect pump spray RRP £1.49, Xpel mosquito bands RRP 89p.

One thing most parents worry about with kids in the Summer is them getting stung or bit by all the nasties that come out around Summer time too. By doubling up with these bands and spray you can hopefully keep the risk to a minimum! 

Luggage tag RRP 49p, Digital luggage scales RRP £4.99. 

And last but not least, if you are jetting off on holiday, a luggage tag and digital scale may come in handy. Losing my luggage is always a fear of mine and while the tag may not stop it from getting lost, at least it should stop anyone else taking it by accident. Another thing I normally worry about it the weight of my case and the extortionate price you have to pay if you're over your limit. I'd definitely recommend a luggage scale so you can avoid that extra cost and worry. 

If you're looking to stock up on Summer essentials, definitely head to Home Bargains! 

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

UKbreaksaway competition!

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UKbreakaways offer short breaks in the UK at fantastic value, from Newquay to Blackpool to Wales, you will be sure to find a great weekend break at unbeatable prices wherever you want to go. UKbreakaways are currently hosting a competition where you can win upto £250!  

Wether it's memories of being with friends on the beach, in a caravan with your family or somewhere you visit regularly, we all have a favourite spot in the UK that trigger some brilliant memories. What UKbreakaways want you to do is share those memories in a blog post to be in with a chance of winning the competition. 

There are 5 fab prizes up for grabs; 1st prize is the £250 cash, 2nd prize is £100 in vouchers for UKbreaksaway and then there are 3 x runner ups prizes of £50 in vouchers for UKbreaksaway. Pretty good hey?!

  1. Write a travel related blog post of up to 600 words on the UK destination of your choice. This must be original and not have been published elsewhere. It could be a guide to the destination itself, Top 10 Things to do there or a guide to the local food, 
  2. Somewhere within your blog you need to mention ukbreakaways and also include a link to a relevant page on our site or the competition page,
  3. You also need to tweet two friends to invite them to take part,
  4. To confirm entry just tweet us @UK_Breakaways with the link to your Blog!
The competition closes on 31st August. They will choose the Prize Winners based on the content of their blog and it's engagement and appeal in making us want to visit your chosen destination! The Judging Panel will consist of Ukbreakaways Managing Director, Business Development Manager alongside a member of our Reservations Department. The winners will be notified no later than Friday 6th September 2014. For terms and conditions visit the competition page HERE.

Let me know if you enter because I'd love to see your posts! :) Good luck! 

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Top 5 reasons why your kids need beanbags

*Guest post by Geoff Ainsworth. Geoff Ainsworth is director of Rucomfy Beanbags which offers a great range of beanbags, including personalised ones, in your child’s favourite colour – perfect for completing the decor of his or her room!  

Kids and beanbags. You might not think it but they actually go hand in hand. Why I hear you ask? Well we’re about to give you five reasons why!

Versatile and easy to move round

Beanbags, like your children, move around a lot because they are versatile pieces of furniture that don’t have to stay in one room…again, like your children. If you have a beanbag for your little ones then it can easily be carried, by them, from one room to the next. There are also outdoor-friendly beanbags available to buy which allows them to sit outside when the weather is nice leaving you to a bit of peace and quiet in the house.

Easy to wash and wash again!

Most beanbags these days allow you to take off the cover and wash it in the washing machine as let’s face it, kids are pretty messy and will most likely have their beanbag dragged across every room, thrown around on the grass, eaten on etc. etc. With a beanbag, they have their own piece of furniture they can mess up, rather than your brand new £3,000 sofa, that you can then just throw in the washing machine and have it coming out as good as new.

Comfortable and relaxing

There are so many different beanbag designs available on the market for you to choose from. From gaming beanbag chairs for when they are glued to the PlayStation, to a beanbag sofa for when all their friends come to visit and you don’t want them lounging on your expensive sofa, which they are more than likely to do.

Custom-made to their liking

Beanbags have gone through some major developments over the years, with customers now able to buy all sorts of designs and creations that take their fancy. You can even have a beanbag customised to your liking, such as a photo of your child and their friends or siblings, their favourite pop group etc. Or you could have their name printed onto the beanbag so that no fights start breaking out in the house about whose beanbag is who.

You can borrow them for emergency chairs!

Well they can’t all be for the kids can they? A beanbag chair is just as good for the adults and can be a great piece of furniture to bring out when the whole family comes round and there are just not enough seats for everyone who has arrived.

So now that you know the five main reasons why your kids should have a beanbag of their own, you can go and get on with the rest of your day! (And to buy a beanbag of course!)

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Our new iPANEMA's!

Before Warren and I jetted off to Greece, Sienna and I were kindly sent some gorgeous new flip flops from iPANEMA for the Summer. iPANEMA is a brazilian brand of flip flops derived from the relaxed and vibrant culture of the country. They have a great range of flip flops featuring bright colours, bold prints and crystals, charms and gemstones on the straps. They have also done a gorgeous collaboration with Gisele Bundchen! 

I was sent the iPANEMA beach flip flop in bright pink and Sienna received the Baby harper sandals in bright pink. We absolutely love them and have been wearing them most days! I took mine to Greece and I wore them nearly everyday as they are SO comfortable. They have the 'anatomic sole' which means the sole is contoured to the foot which makes them super comfortable. I was also surprised that they didn't rub at all, they haven't needed to be worn in or anything, they've just been brilliant from the start. Even walking around the town all day in Greece didn't phase them, no blisters and my feet didn't hurt at the end of it either! I also like the little touch of the diamante and brazilian flag on the strap. 

Sienna's sandals are just the cutest! I love the style and the fact that even though they are quite open and cool for her, they have a great sturdy bit covering the toes. I'm not a fan of toddlers in open toe shoes, especially ones as crazy as Sienna, she'd be scuffing her toes to pieces! Again they are seriously comfortable for her, she hasn't had any blisters and hasn't said that they are hurting her either. They fit really well and are brilliant for out and about or in the garden with water play or at the beach. I love how easily they are cleaned as her Clark's shoes are ruined already yet these still look brand new!

I'd definitely recommend this brand if your family is on the hunt for fantastic, comfortable yet stylish sandals for the Summer; they even cater for men so you can all be matching ;) Although I'm not sure Warren would want bright pink….!

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