Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Style | A few (breastfeeding friendly) outfits

I really wanted to share one of these posts as since I have been breastfeeding, I have found it so hard to find outfits I like that are also breast feeding friendly. When Aria is hungry, she just screams and I need easy access to those boobies! 

breastfeeding friendly outfits
breastfeeding friendly outfits
This is probably my standard outfit.. I do the 'one up, one down (OUOD), with a strappy top and shirt. I pull the stroppy top up so it covers the top of my boob and then I undo the shirt so that covers my body. Teamed with jeans and a jacket, it's a great go-to outfit that looks nice but is also easy to feed in. I love accessorising my outfits with scarves as well, do some lovely ones!

breastfeeding friendly outfits
charlotte keating top review

I do have some tops that are made specifically of breastfeeding.. I do find them easier and they're also nicer to wear on hotter days instead of layering up. This gorgeous top above is from Charlotte Keating.. It's the most flattering one I have and gives super easy access. The material is so soft and it hangs nicely over the mum tum and hips too. I think I need another one in white for the Summer!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Delightful ways to relax and fill the spare time

There is no doubt that taking care of a new born is a 24/7 job. Sometimes you may feel physically or emotionally depleted because of which the need of finding some spare time for yourself gets overwhelming. So just make a pact with yourself, so that you can take some time off with no more mom guilt. This will revitalize your mind and body to help you take care of your baby.

Following are some delightful ways of spending your spare time:

Be sociable:

Socializing has always been an integral way of keeping moms happy. It is usually very difficult for moms to have an active social life specially with a new born baby. Fortunately, with the emergence of technology and explosion of online bingo you can do the same right from your comforts. You can not only interact and make friends with other like minded people but you can also indulge in a social game at the amazing site called

Love your hobby:

No matter what, you should never stop doing what you like. You can give a break due to obvious reasons but should always get back to it as life permits. I am more of a artsy kind. Sketching or painting takes my mind off from all my worries at the same time energizes and motivates me for the rest of the day.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Aria | 3 month update

My little baby is 3 months and growing so fast, it's crazy! She has definitely changed over the last month and is really interacting more. She is always smiling, cooing and blowing bubbles. When she recognises something or someone, she gives the biggest smiles, particularly to me. She's also mastered giggling and it melts my heart.

This update is  bait late because she's just gone through her 3rd leap which has been the worst one yet. She was cluster feeding every night, awake every 45 minutes to an hour and I was just tired and getting fed up. Luckily it has stopped and we got through it! When she isn't leaping, she will go from about 11 until 3:30 which isn't too bad! One night she even slept until 5:30.. it hasn't happened since though.

She's outgrown her Grosnug pretty much so she's now moved onto Gro bags. How cute are these prints?! We have the kissing rabbits and the little dear.

She's really grabbing things now and loves her playmat even more now she can grab the toys on it. She has also found her toes which is so cute.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Gift guide | Father's day with House of Fraser

I have another Father's Day gift guide today as I can never get enough inspiration on what to buy men. Today's ideas are all from House of Fraser's Father's Day range which is great.

HOF fathers day

If your partner or dad is a coffee lover, there's no better present than this Magimix Nespresso coffee machine. It has an integrated aeroccino frothing device with hot or cold setting for cappuccinos, lattes or frapuccinnos and comes with 16 Nespresso capsules, so he'll be good to go as soon as it's unboxed!

A watch is always a classic present and this Storm watch has a classic and simple look too so you can't really go wrong! It's a fab price point as well and is a good practical present they will definitely use.

If your partner takes care of the way he looks and smells, there's no better present than a Jo Malone cologne. This is the Orris & Sandalwood Intense version, it is described as woody and floral and Powdery and deep.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Post partum | How to look great in a bikini after having a baby

It’s time to start going bikini shopping for our summer holiday, but we can often feel worried about how we look after having a baby. Here’s how to feel and look great in a bikini after having a baby.

Embrace your curves

Your body has done an amazing thing and you should be proud. But it can often leave you with curves that you didn’t have before. You should embrace your curves while you’re in your bikini. You likely have bigger breasts than before so choose a great bikini top which highlights your fabulous new size. You shouldn’t be embarrassed by how you look now because your bloke loves you, and your baby is happy and healthy which is all that matters.

Eat healthy and tone up

You may feel like you want to lose some of that excess weight which is still sitting around your belly after pregnancy before putting on a bikini. The best way to do this is to eat healthier. Cut back on high fats foods which are causing you to look more bloated. As this article reveals, you should add delicious, healthy foods such as salmon and greek yogurt to your diet. Once you start eating healthier, you will lose some weight and feel happier in your bikini. You can also start exercising more before the upcoming holiday. You may want to start running once a day while a family member looks after the baby or perhaps you could join an exercise class. It will help you to lose that pesky belly fat as well as help to tone your legs. Pilates and yoga are also good to do for helping you to wear your bikini with confidence. You can even find yoga classes where you can go along with your baby.

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