Friday, 12 February 2016

Nutrition | Help yourself snack drawer

If there's one thing about most kids, it is that they are always hungry.. am I right? Sienna is constantly asking for snacks or saying she is hungry and needs more energy to play (yeah right!). A while a go, I came across the idea of a 'help yourself' snack drawer and decided to give it a go with Sienna.

The idea is to have a drawer full of snacks that she can help herself too when it is snack time. I still have the control over what she is eating as I put the snacks in there but she feels like she has the control as she is allowed to choose and help herself. She loves making decisions so this has been great for her.

It's been working really well and I feel like it will be something that is really handy for when we have the baby as well..If I'm busy and she needs a snack, she is able to get it herself so I don't have to stop what I'm doing. 

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Parenting | The Threenager (& how to deal with them)

Threenager.. that is the perfect word to sum up a three year old.

You spend the first few years of your child's life teaching them right from wrong, how to act in social situations and how to be polite.. they finally start to get the hang of it and then they turn three. This is the point you feel like you've been doing it all wrong and wonder if somehow, you have been teaching them amateur dramatics subconsciously.

Stamping feet, slamming doors, answering back, having strong opinions and point blankly refusing to do things, stood rigid with their arms crossed and the sternest look on their face.. this becomes a daily battle and it can be a hard transition for both parent and child.

Your child is suddenly aware they have their own feelings and opinions and can struggle to interpret them.. when they're angry they don't know how to let it appropriately and sometimes aren't sure how to get their opinion across without being rude or lying.

As parents, we can forget they still need to learn this and instantly go down the discipline route which may not work. We have been using a few tips with Sienna to help us get through the threenager stage which have been helpful so I wanted to share them incase they help anyone else that is going through this phase.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Nutrition | Healthy toddler lunches #2!

My last post about Sienna's lunches seemed to be popular so I thought I'd do another one. Again, apologies for the photos.. they aren't great as I quickly snap them before giving them to her or chucking them in her lunchbox in a rush!

healthy toddler lunches

We made some wholemeal dairy free cheese scones that actually turned out really good (I will post the recipe soon!), so she had 2 of those with a piece of turkey, some organic hummus, plum tomatoes and yellow pepper sticks. 

healthy toddler lunches

For a pre-school lunch, I made a new potato salad for the week (just new potatoes, extra light mayo & dried sage) so she had some of that, some rolls of turkey, yellow pepper sticks, organic hummus, cucumber and an alpro soya yogurt. She has been complaining I don't give her enough on a pre-school day so this was a bit bigger than usual and she ate it all!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Pregnancy | What's in my hospital bag?

packing hospital bag

I thought it was about time I got round to properly packing my hospital bag now we are on the 2 week count down! I finally did it this morning so thought I'd share what I've packed as a few people have asked for it.

packing hospital bag

Of course, I am taking my wash bag with all the essentials in like shower gel and shampoo. I am also taking nursing pads, Lansinoh lanolin cream and Arnica tablets. I swore by these with Sienna as I never had that 'hit by a bus' feeling everyone told me about so it definitely helped with the bruising and pain! 

Monday, 8 February 2016

Pregnancy | Preparing for labour, third time round

Preparing for labour

It's a weird concept to think I'm going to be giving birth for the third time soon... yes, third time. A lot of people don't realise that even though Rocco was classed as a 'miscarriage', my body didn't actually realise so I had to deliver him myself. I went in to hospital to be induced, had full strength contractions (so bad I was crying and given morphine) and then delivered his body and the placenta afterwards. 

It was similar to Sienna's labour in many ways but obviously very different as well. When Sienna was a few months old, my memories of her labour and delivery were exciting and I couldn't wait to do it again one day. After experiencing labour with Rocco, I guess it's no surprise that it has kind of 'tainted' the labour experience for me.

I'm excited to know I'm in labour again this time but I'm also scared of what might happen.. Rocco's is etched in my mind more so than Sienna's and it still has the fear and heartache attached to it. I feel like I'm going to be a lot more worried during the labour and constantly asking them to check if she's ok.. until she is in my arms crying, I feel like I'm going to feel really tense and a bit on edge.

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