Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The biggest muddy puzzle ever!

To say Sienna is obsessed with Peppa pig, is an understatement, so when this jumbo puzzle was delivered I knew we would have lots of fun with it. The biggest muddy puzzle ever is made up of 35 jumbo pieces and features Peppa wearing her fancy golden wellies to celebrate 10 years of Muddle Puddles. 

The pieces really are jumbo size and perfect for little hands. This does say 3+ years and obviously Sienna is only 17 months so she wasn't able to really help make the puzzle but got involved none the less!

Even though I was technically making the puzzle, I was asking Sienna to find me the bits I needed next so she was happy she was helping Mummy. She was great at bringing me the 'birdies' or the 'trees' or 'daddy pig' before going off to find me the next bit.

When we had finished it she was excited seeing what we had made and pointing everyone and everything out a million times over! It's a great size and kept us occupied for a while I really enjoyed making it and when Warren got home, he wanted to make it too haha! We'll definitely get lots more fun out of this and have even bought it on holiday with us as it's a great activity of the whole family of an evening or rainy day.

The biggest muddy puzzle ever is available from Jumbo. 

Monday, 21 April 2014

A 'grown up' family home.

What do you picture when you think of a 'proper' family home? Furniture covered in finger prints? Toys piled in a corner? Walls plastered in family portraits?….. A home phone?

I remember going to the doctors when I was pregnant with Sienna for the first time and giving them all my details. One of the things they ask for is a home telephone number. When I responded with the fact we didn't have a home phone, the older lady looked at me with horror as if I'd told her we lived on the streets. 

'You should really get a home phone if you're going to be a responsible parent' she said as she looked down her nose at me. I remember it vividly as it made me feel awful and a home phone went straight to the top of my 'too buy' list. That was, until sleep suits, formula and nappies were a higher priority. 

I honestly didn't think it would be worth it and we wouldn't use one. But now Sienna is 17 months old, we finally have a home phone; we have the Gigaset C430A and have been using it more than I thought we would. 

It is described as the perfect phone for those who like to put their own stamp on their home and that is what we are currently in the process of doing. It features many customisable options, with over 30 different ring tones, 2 different screen savers and colour schemes to choose from. As well as all the fun bits, it's also extremely practical with a diary reminder feature and storage for 200 phone numbers. 

It's a nice looking handset, it's sleek and not too intrusive on the shelf. Everything is easy to see and the buttons aren't too small that you press 10 at the same time and end up dialling the wrong number. It has a good sized (1.8 inch) display that is in full colour and has up to 14 hours of talk time, so no need to rush your conversations because of battery power like we do with our iPhones! The quality of the sound is also great and very clear.

The thing that really stands out about this phone and makes it perfect for families is that it can also be used as a baby monitor. How handy is that? When it is in baby monitor mode, the incoming calls are displayed on the screen but without a ringtone as to not disturb the sleeping baby. The light is reduced by 50% and it also has a two way talk function as well.

Other features it includes is alarm clock with snooze feature, bigger dialling font, day and night ringer volume, 320 hours standby time, high quality hands free talking. 

It really seems like every detail has been thought about with this phone, from customising it to using it as a baby monitor, it's like a home phone and mobile all in one and I think it is a great choice for all families. 

We've actually really been enjoying having a home phone and I finally feel like we are, bit by bit, creating a 'grown up' family home.

 Now all that's left is purchasing matching furniture…. 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

What's in our wash bags?

I thought I'd share what's in mine and Sienna's wash bags for our holiday. I love these kind of 'What's in my..' type videos so this was the perfect excuse to join in! Above are our wash bags (obviously!), Sienna's Minnie Mouse one is from B&M and my Ted Baker one is from Boots (LINK!)

Sienna has; Toothbrush & toothpaste, cotton buds, shower puff, hair comb, Weleda calendula body lotion (LINK!), Mini Weleda face cream (LINK!) & Mini Weleda hair and body wash (LINK!). 

I have; Cosmetic Waterwipes (LINK!), Effaclar duo (LINK!), Healgel (LINK!), Sanex shower gel, Aussie shampoo & conditioner, My simple cleanser & clinique clarifying lotion in travel pots, 2x sure deodorant, 2x sachets of Cocoa brown tough stuff (LINK!), toothbrush & toothpaste, hair bands and cotton pads. 

Here's the video incase you want to see it in action;

I hope we haven't forgot anything! 

Saturday, 19 April 2014

5 things that have made me happy this week!

1. Sunglasses weather

This sun we've been having is just so nice! I've been feeling happier all round which is good and Sienna and I have been having lunch in the garden and playing, she loves it.

2. Chocolate

I have eaten waayyy too much chocolate this week, oops! I'm such an addict, I don't think I could ever eat too much as long as it is good quality chocolate! I blame the fact that we got these amazing Easter eggs from Thorntons ;) They are so delicious (and look pretty!) and on 3 for £25, go grab them :)

3. My new phone case

My new phone case has been making me happy this week because every time I see it, I see my 2 favourite people and it makes my heart melt just a little. It's from Casetagram and is great quality. It's a good solid case and is impact resistant so should save my phone from scratches. The quality of my photos are great as well considering they are just my Instagram pics

4. Making easter eggs

We were very kindly sent some bits and bobs by Vertbaudet so we could have fun making our own Easter eggs, and fun we had! I have never tried to do anything like this before but it was super fun and Sienna loved it too.

5. Packing for holiday!

Probably the most exciting thing about this week, we are off to a Park Dean holiday park next week and it will be our first little family holiday so we are super excited and I've been packing like crazy! Sienna needs so much stuff haha! But it will be lovely and I definitely need a break away from everyday life, it has been one hell of a year already!

What has made you happy this week?

Friday, 18 April 2014

Spring/Summer top picks; Armani Junior!

I adore buying Sienna clothes and putting together her little outfits and I can't wait until we have 2 children to dress. I don't know about you, but I love to put together wish lists; I am always on some kind of website, filling my basket to the brim of things I would get if I was a millionaire. 

This week, it just so happens to be the Armani Junior range at Harrods so I thought I'd share a few of my top picks for Spring/Summer. I mean one of you out there might be see something you like and treat your little one!  
Armani junior

Of course, in England you can never guarantee the weather even in Summer so jackets are essential. The tricolour hoody is lovely, I love the colours it reminds me of the whole beachy theme and with the hood will add warmth on the cooler days but is still spring colours. For girls, I picked this little Trench coat out, it's so cute! Again it adds extra warmth but being in the beige colour, it still looks fresh and spring like as opposed to a black jacket.

Swimwear is hopefully needed at least one during the Summer and these grey and orange swim shorts for boys just scream Summer time. I love the contrast of the colours and how they make a nice change from blue. I have an obsession with polka dots at the moment so I had to pick this costume for girls. Polka dot, baby pink and frills? Sold.

I love these kind of t-shirts that have the collar, they are smart enough for boys to wear in evenings but not too dressy or uncomfortable for boys that are full of energy and never stop moving. I love the colours together again and the denim effect. For evening time for girls, I just love dresses with tights and how lovely is this dress above?! Perfect colours for Spring/Summer and such an unusual pattern, I can imagine Sienna in this looking super cute!

What would you pick?

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