Thursday, 28 July 2016

What made today a great day #1

Sometimes it's all too easy to think of the negative things that happen in the day and why things didn't go to plan. Even though I may think our days are boring or stressful, I'm incredibly grateful that I can be a 'stay at home mum' and earn money for family at the same time. I want to keep track of the good things that happen in our days to remind myself it isn't bad at all so this is what made today great! 

(Written about the other day.. hope that isn't confusing!)

The girls didn't wake until 7:30am!

They were happy just chilling in bed until 9am so we had a nice lazy morning in bed playing together which was lovely

I finally packed the washing away so the stairs is clear for 5 seconds!

We made it out of the house for a little walk to the post office & park before the rain came in (and I snapped that cute photo!)

I didn't have any outfit changes as Aria wasn't sick on me at all for once

The girls seemed really happy today

Aria loved her breakfast (blueberry, apple and vanilla) and lunch (peas and carrots)

My gorgeous new ring arrived from Gemporia's white gemstone collection! I have wanted a thumb ring for so long but not a plain band, this one is perfect and a little bit different, I love it!

Dress styles you need for every occasion this summer

Dressing for occasions can be challenging when there’s a lot at stake, so this post takes you through each dressing solutions for some of the most exciting events that summer holds. Here we go. 

For a Garden Party
Garden parties are some of the best events of the year for making us love the outdoors; pay homage with a floral or botanical print that will get the compliments springing up like daisies everywhere you go. 
For a long day spent outside, go for a comfortable and feminine flowy length that will keep your pins comfy all day. Go for bright bold colours, and don’t forget a pair of elegant flats to change into. 
For a Wedding 
Dressing for a wedding can be daunting as the location and the weather of the wedding demands preparation. Layering is key! Cover-ups like kimonos and scarves make the perfect addition to any wedding outfit – they’ll keep you warm enough to handle the breezes without being bulky. 
Weddings demand happy colours – steer clear of dark fabrics and opt for pastels, florals, and not-too-dramatic prints; you don’t want to outshine the bride, now. Lace, frills, ruffles and a little flesh showing in a backless, strapless or lacy dress are all perfect choices. 

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Online learning for parents

Parenting is a difficult job, and for parents who are considering going back to school in order to improve their education and further their career, it can be even harder. Returning to education is something that is well-known for being challenging, but when you have small children to look after, the idea of going back to school yourself can be even more daunting. However, with more and more parents each year enrolling on college degree courses, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t succeed thanks to online learning.

Study from Home

One of the best things to happen to parents who want to return to education is the introduction of online learning courses. Rather than have to attend a classroom in a physical learning environment in order to earn your degree, online learning courses give you the option to study from the comfort of your own home. This is great for parents as it means that there’s no reason to spend unnecessary time away from your little ones, and you don’t have to worry about getting a babysitter. No matter what you want to do with your education – whether you’re a registered nurse hoping to achieve a doctorate in nursing practice from Bradley University or an entrepreneur aspiring towards an MBA, there is a vast array of course options available online.

Continue Working

One of the biggest worries for parents who are considering returning to college is affording everything. Since the majority of college classes are held in the daytime, going back to the classroom essentially means that students who currently work full-time will either have to quit their job or cut their hours. For parents, this could be impossible with a family to support and feed. However, with e-learning courses such as the DNP online, you can study at times which are convenient to you, allowing you to continue working as normal. Depending on your job, your employer may be able to support you throughout your education, for example if you’re hoping to gain a qualification such as a doctor of nursing practice degree to further your career.

Mummy + Me // July 2016

July had whizzed by, time is seriously flying by! July hasn't been a particularly exciting month for us.. there hasn't been anything really going on but we've just been enjoying time together. For the most part, Sienna has been really well behaved this month and it's so nice. We have so much fun together and she's been making me laugh so much, she is always saying we're best friends which I love! 

The start of the Summer holidays was so hot it was so nice having time outside and in the paddling pool! Both girls are such water babies! It was hard to sleep at night though although the girls seemed to sleep even better, it must have knocked them out or something, haha!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Aria's routine: The 2-3-4 sleep schedule!

The 2-3-4 sleep schedule!

If you watch my videos, you may have seen that I was really struggling with Aria having any kind of routine and she wouldn't go down for naps unless she fell asleep on the bottle or in the car/pushchair. It was tricky because if we were home all day, I had to pray she'd fall asleep drinking her bottle and transfer to her sleepyhead without waking up otherwise she wouldn't go down for a nap and resulted in a super grumpy baby (and mummy!).

A few people mentioned on my videos to put her down for a nap and certain times during the day (so say 10am and 2pm)... but as she is still waking in the night for a bottle, she can wake up in the morning anywhere between 6:30am and 8:30am. So 10am was fine if she woke at 8:30 but if she woke at 6:30, 10am was too late and she'd be overtired and scream a lot and I'd give up. She'd end up falling asleep in random places at the wrong times.

I'm a big believer that sleep and routine is crucial for babies and toddlers. If they don't have it they aren't well behaved, can't learn or focus properly and end up being grumpy the whole day. I also feel like I needed nap time in order to get work done and spend quality time with Sienna one on one.
 I knew I had to get the nap thing sorted!

Someone recommended instead of doing certain times of the day, put her down for naps so many hours after her last. I played around with a few hourly schedules and I have finally found one that has worked for us! 

The 2-3-4 sleep schedule. 

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