Saturday, 29 May 2010

L'oreal true match minerals.

When it comes to warmer weather, i like to wear light, minimal make-up and not feel caked in foundation. My Clinique and Nars foundations are good, but i feel they're high maintenance and take up time to apply them, blend them and set them. I found my L'oreal True Match Minerals in my make-up drawer & decided to give them a whirl again.

I have it in the lightest colour W1 Golden Ivory, which i think is ok, i would like it a little lighter to really match. It's a warm tone and my skin is a cool tone, but it's not far off!

We all knows how to apply minerals so i won't go over that. I apply it with the brush that it comes with, however it is quite small, good for those hard to reach places such as around the nose etc. but a bit too small for the cheeks and forehead.

Overall i think foundation is very good and i have enjoyed wearing it for the past few days. It lasts a good while on my combination skin but doesnt highlight and dry/flaky areas. It gives a nice 'glow' to the skin and covers redness & dark circles really well. I didn't use any concealer under the eyes or on blemishes (& i havent edited anything, thanks!). I think it also blends very well and looks natural on the skin.

I have the Prescriptive's mineral foundation but it's wayyy too dark for me and i haven't used it. What's your favourite mineral foundation? Do you think drugstore or higher end does them best?
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