Tuesday, 13 July 2010

HG Moisturiser for problem skin!!

I am so excited to say i have actually found a HG product! And a moisturiser at that, which is usually what i have trouble with the most! I have never really had a HG product, i understood the concept of it being everything you could want from that particular product, but none of mine stand out like that; i am always looking for something that little bit better.

You probably all know i have been having a hard time with my skin lately.. Breaking out seriously bad, big, horrible cystic acne spots. Mainly on my chin but also on my cheeks & forehead where i NEVER usually get spots! I was waking up with at least 3 more every morning and it really got me down. I'm also a picker and so i'm always battling with the scars they leave behind,even if i don't squeeze them.

I was looking around some blogs (i'm really annoyed i can'tremember which blog it was that i saw this product!!) and i saw they used a Clean & Clear moisturiser. They must have had flawless skin or i wouldn't have cared much!

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser. Now usually, i am the first to say stay away from harsh products such as Clearasil and Clean & clear. Even if you have problem skin they tend to be to harsh and strip the skin of oil, making your skin produce more oil and making your spots worse! However, after searching for this on Boots, i saw it was oil free and also, it's 'fragrance free for even sensitive skin.'

I read the reviews on Boots and thought i'd try it! It was pretty cheap and i just thought, surely my skin can't get any worse?! So i had nothing to lose really! I'm so glad i did, i used it for the first time at night and it felt nice! It's water based but it doesn't feel like a thin moisturiser. It feels a bit thicker than say Simple's oil balancing moisturiser. However, it sinks in really well, leaves a matte, soft finish but no 'tight' feeling, your skin just generally feels in good condition! It also leaves a lovely cooling feeling on your skin which is lovely after a shower/working out!

A few more uses on and i am in love with this! My painful spots have disappeared, i've had no new ones appear for a few days and my scars are starting to fade alot! My skin also feels moisturised but not heavy or greasy and this works well with my oily skin! It's also an absolute bargain and i think i will be stocking up! If this ever gets discontinued, i think i will cry! Butnow i can face the world with my happy, confident face :)

What's your HG moisturiser??
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