Monday, 5 July 2010

MY bargain of the week!

On Saturday, my brother really wanted me to go to his school fete with my parents. I wasn't really feeling it but i went anyway, and i'm glad i did! I bagged myself a great bargain, literally!

I spyed this on a stall immediately after we got there, but it was brand new with all the stuffing and packaging and i thought it would be pretty expensive, i also had no cash on me. I wasn't expecting to find anything i liked! Near the end of the fete, it was still there brand new and calling my name! I took my mum to look at it and while i was holding it, the women running the stall said 'It's only a fiver!'. That was it, i had to have it! haha! Thanks mum :)

It reminds me alot of the Mulberry Roxanne's which i adore!

I'm hoping one day i will be able to afford a real Mulberry, but for now i'm pretty happy with my fake for a fiver!

What's your bargain of the week?

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