Saturday, 2 October 2010

Botox in Knightsbridge anyone?

Hey peeps! :) Our training is continuing for my new job and i's getting exciting now. It's a lot of information overload and there's been a lot of stress and tears, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end! :)

Some of the girls had to go to London this Monday and Tuesday, me included, to train in IPL. (Permanent hair reduction) It was so fun and you get great results, so the high price tag is definitely worth it! I just thought i'd share so pictures for you to see what we got upto!

We had to catch the train at 6am, the train was an hour away from me so i was up extra early! Hence us putting our slap on, on the train :)

Beck and Jess, Jess looks like she's sniffing the mascara!

Beck and Jess at the tube station.

Jess and I at the tube station :)

Me & Jess on the tube, ugh i hate them! Soo hot and busy!

Harrods! We didn't have time to go in though :(

Such an awesome picture of Jess!

Jess & Kadi at our training destination.

Haha! Jess marking out Beck's 'areas to be treated'. (We didn't actually have the procedure, we just marked out areas)

Me all marked up! It looks as if we're having botox or cosmetic surgery! lol! Note: My lovely st tropez tan ;)

Because it was a 2 day training course, we had to stay over night in a hotel. We ate our evening meal in the hotel which as gorgeous but we got a great big free dessert!

yummm! :) Overall, we had a good time but i'm soo glad it's the weekend :)

What did you get up too this week?
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