Thursday, 11 November 2010

Hormones & happiness!

Since starting my job on the 31st August, i haven't watched what i've eaten or worked out ONCE. I just haven't had time to workout, i'm up at 5am and home at 7pm and i'm exhausted. However, i'm really hoping soon to find a way to get some exercise in. Why? I've noticed a different, and not with my body.

Initially i thought i would put on a lot of weight and look horrendous. When really, i can't tell much difference. I'm sure i've lost some muscle, particularly on my stomach! It's a little softer but i'm pretty happy with my body considering i haven't been looking after it that well.

The biggest change i've seen is in my hormones and my happiness! These past 2 months i have not cried so much in my life! I'm so emotional and feel down, i get angry at the smallest thing and my anxiety is truly starting to show problems, to the point where i think i need to book a doctor's appointment!

I'm pretty sure it was the good eating and exercise that kept my hormones at bay and i'm getting the nearly 3-month-itch of needing to workout and eat well soon. I know a lot has happened these past 2 months; i've started a new job 30 miles away that i'm not confident about, i've split up with my long term boyfriend and my friend group has completely turned on its head. I feel quite alone at the moment but i'm sure with exercise i wouldn't feel so bad and would be able to handle it better!

What do you think? Do you notice a difference in happiness when you workout?

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