Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Estee Lauder's Doublewear Foundation

I picked this up the other day when i'd ran out of my Clinique Superbalance. After seeing that Sam Schuerman uses Estee Lauder's doublewear (and she's so gorgeous!), i had to get it! Off i went to House of Fraser to pick up what i was sure was going to become my HG foundation. I had tanned the night before and so i wanted a colour to match my tan, instead of mixing 2 colours together.

After waiting around awkwardly for someone to help me, someone finally came to serve me from the Clarins counter. I got her to match up my neck so that i matched all nicely and it would suit me when i had a tan.

I left a happy girl and excited to try it. I applied it onto of my make-up i already had on, to go out that night and immediately loved it! I have now been using it for about 2/3 weeks and thought i should do a 'proper' review on it.

The first night i tried it, bronzed up and it looks good!

Although i loved it that first night, i soon realised the colour match is wrong. I can use it when i have no tan on, but with a tan, it is totally too pale! I have to bronze it up using a bronzer all over my face, or still mixing it with my Clinique Superbalance in sand to get the right colour. I have no idea how she matched me!

After the first week, i seemed to notice it wasn't lasting well on my skin, my skin had become very dry from my skincare routine, but with this foundation, i feel it becomes greasy quickly and by the time i'm home from work, i just can't wait to take it off. It says it's dries semi-matte but i still have to powder mine and I also feel it doesn't stay looking good all day. It doesn't exactly go patchy but it just looks a little worn and tired. I'm not sure if using a primer would help, i haven't tried that yet.

In terms of coverage, it is very good coverage, however, i use my fingers at the moment to apply it and feel a stippling brush may be needed to get the best out of this foundation! It also hasn't made me breakout which is a definite plus for me.

Without make-up and with make-up-- bad colour match.

Overall, i am determined for this to be my HG foundation, i will try it with a primer and see if this makes a difference, then report back to you all!

Have you tried this? Do you use a primer? What's your HG foundation?
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