Monday, 28 November 2011

New hair colour!! John Frieda Precision Foam Colour*

I was contacted maybe a week or two ago, and asked if i'd like to try out a new shade in John Frieda's precision foam range. I'd spent the week before complaining to my boyfriend that my hair looked faded and i desperately needed something done to it, so this came at just the right time!

I chose the colour 'Medium copper brown' as i naturally have reddish tones in my hair and always go along that road to suit my skin tone. This was the first time of using John Frieda's Precision Foam so i dug out the instructions to make sure i did it right.

They were perfectly good to follow and i'm glad i read them because i probably would have shaked it all up, not just tilted it backwards and forwards! I did also have some hesitations about the outcome of this product. Firstly, i have super long hair and i did not think one box would cover it all, I also thought it was bound to go patchy even though it claims not too. I followed the instructions but was a little worried when i read my hair should be as foamy as the picture! That was not the case...

No foam to be seen! I then had very little hope that this was going to work! After leaving it for the acquired amount of time, i washed it off and used the conditioner it comes with. I was impressed at the size of the conditioner as usually with hair dyes they are a ridiculously small size! It was very nourishing and upon drying my hair, it felt amazingly soft!

Here are the before and after photos of the colour;

Before, it was a faded brown..

After, a nice hint of red.

The colour wasn't a drastic change but just a little darker and added the red tones in. I do think it's a nice colour and i definitely would repurchase it! The one box did cover all my hair and there are no patches! I even asked my friend (who is a hairdresser) to have a look and he thought it did a good job!

Overall, i would recommend these hair dyes! No mess, no patches and plenty of product in one box!

Have you tried these hair dyes? What did you think?

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