Thursday, 21 June 2012

No 7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser!

With my pregnancy, my skin hadn't changed too much until a few weeks ago. My chin was breaking out but it also felt tight and dehydrated was getting flaky where any blemishes had dried out. I'm used to using harsh/drying cleansers and oil free moisturisers to combat my acne/oily skin, so i didn't have any products to help my new skin type! 

I looked in Boots at the array of cleansers for hours and i finally settled on No 7's Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser.

I settled for this one because of a few reasons;

Number one was that i have seen review that it is similar to Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish. I use to use this and love it but i don't have access to it easily in any shops near me so i have to order it and most of the time, i'm too impatient to wait or i've already ran out and need it there and then. 

Number two was that it says it is suitable for all skin types and it's Hypo-allergenic. Like i said, my skin is currently; dehydrated, dry, oily, acne prone and sensitive, so one for all is great! 
I have only been using this just under a week, so it is still early days, but i wanted to review my first impressions. 

The first time i used it i fell in love with it! It melted off all of my make-up, including my eye make-up, it didn't sting my eyes and with the muslin cloth, left my skin feeling SUPER soft and supple and moisturised but not oily.

A week on, i am still loving it, it feels gorgeous to massage in to my skin and the thick consistency feels luxurious. It gets everything off easily without being harsh on the skin and it has cleared my skin up. I also have noticed it hasn't made my skin more oily which some richer cleansers can tend to do.  

I have however, noticed some things i'm not loving about it.

I have stopped using it to remove my eye make-up because i found the product was collecting in my eyes, and after i had finished my skincare routine, i has loads of product and make-up that i had to dig out, of my eyes, in turn that was making my eyes sore and then they were watering all night and blood shot! 

I've also noticed, that no matter how many times i rinse my face afterwards, it does leave my skin feeling like there is a slight residue/greasy film on my skin. I HAVE to use a toner of some sort afterwards before applying my moisturiser to get rid of it.

Overall, i am impressed with this cleanser and think it's great value for money at just £10 for 200ml. It's also from No7 so you can use the £5 off voucher and get it for just £5 which is excellent! The packaging is also good, it has a pump and the bottom moves up when you pump it so you can see exactly how much you have left. 
I use around 3 pumps for my first cleanse and then just 1 for my second/morning cleanse.

I would definitely recommend this to other people and purchase it again if it keeps my skin clear!

Have you tried this Cleanser? What's your favourite drugstore/highstreet cleanser?

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