Monday, 30 July 2012

DIY; Baby Changing Station!!

I have been wanting to share this post with you for ages now but it took a little longer than i thought to complete! At the beginning of looking at nursery furniture, we weren't going to buy a changing station as i think they're overpriced for what they are! But as i kept looking, i felt like i should buy one because everyone seems to have one! 

I had planned to paint this chest of drawers white anyway, as i wanted all the nursery furniture to be white. Whilst i was browsing in Morrisons, i came across the Munchkin Nappy Change Organiser which was on offer at only £7 when they had their baby event. The idea for this DIY Changing Station immediately sprang to mind and i was so excited to start!

Paint brushes of assorted sizes, Strips of Velcro, Nappy Change Organiser, Sandpaper and Gloss paint.
OPTIONAL: We used wire staples from B&Q in the end to attach the nappy organiser to make it more secure, so you will need these if you chose to do that too.

Of course, you will need a chest of drawers and your chosen changing mat as well. Make sure your changing mat is a similar size to the top of the chest of drawers, not too big and overhanging. Alternatively, you could also buy a Cot top and fix this to the top of the chest of drawers, and then the changing mat on top of that. 

The first step is to sand your unit down and paint it your chosen colour. If you are pregnant and doing it yourself, make sure you do it in a well ventilated room and use a mask to help guard you from the fumes. Try not to spend too much time in there and take breaks out of the room if needed. Paint it outside if neccessary!

Once you're happy with the painting and it's all dry (mine too 2 coats and a day in between each to dry), you can attach your nappy organiser to your preferred side of the unit with the staples. Make sure you have figured out where your unit is going to be placed as to not attach it to the wrong side. Alternatively you can attach the velcro that comes attached to the Nappy organiser already! 

The last step is to attach your changing mat. Apply your velcro strips to the top of the unit and bottom of the changing mat, making sure you match them up so they stick securely! We have used velcro so i am still able to remove the changing mat if needed, but you could glue it if you don't think removing it will be necessary for you.

Fill up your nappy organiser and you're done! 

Your DIY Changing Station!

I'm so happy with the results and i think it looks great! It also saved us a bunch of money and kept me busy whilst being off work! There's something so satisfying about DIY!

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