Friday, 5 October 2012

My DIY ombre hair!!

I've been wanting to do something with my hair for ages and finally bit the bullet yesterday. I had a voucher than i got back in June for my birthday and decided to get a cut and blow dry. I only got a couple of inches off but it feels so much better! Afterwards, i wanted even more of a change and so i decided i was going to dye my hair. I asked on twitter if i should go lighter or darker as i was just too indecisive! 

The votes came in pretty much even which left me non the wiser as to what way i was going to go... until i remembered the trend of ombre hair that was way back last year. It seemed the perfect choice as i could be brown and blonde and not to mention the perfect 'mummy' colour! 

-No roots to be ashamed of; check,
-Cheap & easy to keep up; check,
-'On trend'; check.

To achieve this i used the Bblonde powder bleach and cream peroxide from Jerome Russell. The powder bleach comes in 4 sachets, and i used 1 sachets and 1 bottle of peroxide to achieve the above look. I did a strand test to see how long it would take, after 20 minutes it was a bit gingery so i decided to leave the whole lot on for about 25-30 minutes from the mid lengths down. 

I washed this out and dried it and then i applied more to the very ends of my hair for another 10-15 minutes to make the gradient more noticeable.

That's it, it's pretty easy and quick to do and is good if you fancy a little change! It's also super cheap, the powder bleach retails for under £4 and the cream peroxide is around £1.50 per bottle. All i need to do when it's grown out a little bit is use another sachet and just purchase 1 bottle of peroxide. Cheap as chips!

What do you think?! 

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