Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My favourite picture apps!!

I never thought i needed an iPhone, but now i couldn't live without it. I am addicted to all the photo apps and am constantly on the hunt for new ones so thought i would share what ones i have with you!

This has to be my favourite. I am slightly obsessed and upload photos ALL the time and i am constantly checking it and finding new people to follow. I love photography and all the effects and frames are great. The 'Nashville' is my favourite! 

This is similar to Instagram but i mainly use it for the 'lights' effect.

I use this just for extra frames really, it's nice to switch up from the ones on Instagram sometimes with different styles.

This i don't use too often as i mainly prefer to use the lights effects on Picfx but this is particularly good if you want to place the lights/shapes in specific places or have specific colours. 

This is great for making collages of a few different pictures.

This is similar to Picstitch but again just gives you a few more options. You can also add borders to this one to make them look a bit more special!

(not long until we get to meet this beautiful baby face!! <3 p="p">

This is more for adding text to photos, you can choose different sizes and fonts etc.

Again, this is to add text to photos but on a label/banner, perhaps making it a little more 'professional' but you can't change the size of the text/banner. 

So that's all 8 of my photo apps! I hope this was helpful and if you loved photos as much as me i'm sure you will be getting all of them if you haven't already!

Anymore photo/picture apps i should add to my collection? 

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