Tuesday, 6 August 2013

FAST Shampoo & Conditioner for Long, Stronger Hair

I haven't met many girls in my time that don't want longer or stronger hair, if not both. Nisim's FAST have come up with a solution for this with their Shampoo & Conditioner which is Sulfate, paraben and DEA free. I've been trying it out so I can share my thoughts with you on how they work.

FAST works by feeding your hair with all the essential proteins, amino acids and nutrients that are not usually found in 'normal' shampoos. FASTs special blend provide all the nutrition to help hair grow as long and healthy as possible.

So does it actually work? Yes, I think it does! Now we all know I have long hair anywhere, but I do think it has grown even more, it is now nearly down to my belly button! I could never get it to grow much past my booby area so this is a big achievement. (Well done FAST!) I also think it is stronger and just generally looks much healthier.

I was impressed with the shampoo as it lathers well considering it is sulfate free. The conditioner is also a really lovely texture, it's thick and feels luxurious, you just know it's doing good things to those ends! I've been really enjoying these and my collection of hair products seems to be getting bigger and bigger, which is very unlike me!

You can buy FAST shampoo & conditioner as a set from Boots* for £24.99.

Would you like longer, stronger hair? Give these a go!

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