Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Rumbly Tummy Cicciobello doll review

When the email with a potential review of the Rumbly Tummy Cicciobello doll from Flair popped in my inbox, I knew Sienna would love it so agreed. The doll was delivered the next day and Sienna was very excited! She has had dolls before but this one was extra special as it came with all the essential accessories; a spoon, a carton of drink, a dummy, a potty and 2 cloths to clean him up with. 

Rumbly Tummy Cicciobello doll review
Rumbly Tummy Cicciobello doll review

The doll is actually a boy which shocked Sienna and I as we just assumed it would be a girl! Not that it is a problem, she loves him just as much as her girl dolls, although it did spark the 'what's this mummy' question pointing to between his legs, haha! He is also already been put in girl dolly clothes! He is a good size, bigger than all her other dolls and he is really interactive as well. 

Rumbly Tummy Cicciobello doll review

He says when he is hungry or thirsty or if he needs the toilet which prompts Sienna to find which item she needs to take care of him! She also loves it that he says 'mama, I love you'. She thinks it's 'soo cute' and gives him a big hug!

Rumbly Tummy Cicciobello doll review

 He also asks to be wiped if he has a dirty face or bottom, and either his face or bottom with glow with a yellow LED light, so Sienna knows where to wipe which is great for learning! He also cries when he wants his dummy or if his tummy is hurting.. his tummy glows red if it's hurting so you can rub it better and get his wind out! 

It's been Sienna's favourite toy this past week and she hasn't stopped playing with him. He isn't too loud or annoying like some other interactive dolls and I think this is especially great for Sienna preparing to be a big sister! She has been learning how she will be able to help me with the baby and I have been teaching her how gentle she needs to be! It's been a great addition to Sienna's toy collection and we would highly recommend it!

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