Wednesday, 2 March 2016

funny things my 4 year old says | New baby edition

Since having Aria, Sienna has heard and seen a lot of things that she hasn't before and has become really inquisitive about the whole postpartum ordeal, breastfeeding and babies in general. We have answered her questions as honestly as possible and she has taken some things on board.. some things she has got a little confused about and has led her to say some really funny things so as always, I thought I'd document them! She has also said some of the sweetest things too!

funny things my 4 year old says

'Mummy, why is your tummy still big' (hours after giving birth.. thanks SiSi! haha)


'You have pads everywhere.. But not on your elbows!' (referring to my breast pads haha)


'Aw I just love Aria so much I could cry'


'My favourite history is when Aria was born' 


'Hang on, I've got 2 kids going on here!' (playing with her babies)


(Singing in the tune of the song) 'I like to move it, move it, I like to latch it, latch it'


(Talking to her dolly) 'You have to support the head and latch it on'


Si: 'Mummy, is that actually Aria?'

Me: 'Yeah of course it is'

Si: 'I'm so proud of you for getting her out'


'You have a wide awake, sucking booby baby there'

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