Wednesday, 7 September 2016

funny things my 4 year old says #10

(led down eating a ham wrap at lunchtime) 'Ah this is the life, just chilling..eating my wrap in the sunshine..'


'Mummy, what's life like with kids?'


'Wow mummy, this is the most woken up day you've had as you've remembered something! You are not tired today!' (Yes I've been that bad, eek!)


'I'll ask Daddy because he's a superhero'


'I am one million hungry'


'Mummy, I know that a dishwasher is called dishwasher because it washes dishes and that a washing machine is called a washing machine because its a machine and it washes all our clothes'


'I ate 3 pieces of garlic bread because you know I don't like it'


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