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A page to keep track of my workouts, feel free to be inspired and use some of the workouts I use. I do all my workouts inside at home, with basic equipment. Some workouts are only 10 minutes long so there is no excuses and it's free! 


(nearly 4 weeks postpartum)

March 14th 2016 - HASFIT's 25 min low impact easy workout

(nearly 5 weeks postpartum)

March 21st- 30 min cardio kickboxing workout
24th- Love your body HIIT

29th- Bikini Kettlebell
31st - The body coach 15 min fat burning HIIT


4th April15 min insanity workout

7thLove your body HIIT
9th- 15 min easy walk carrying Aria in the wrap & 2 rounds of simple at home workout
11th- Bikini abs

12th- 20 min easy walk carrying Aria in the wrap, perfect legs WO, I really like you squat challenge
13th- Dance workout, Push plank challenge (had to stop twice, my back hurt), ultimate back, butt & arms.
14th- Quick cardio booty blast, 6 mins to a sexy booty, 5 best butt moves,  

18th- Fat burning cardio (Aria needed me so cut short)
20th- 30 min walk, Quick burn arms,  

21st- Kettletoning (with 4kg) (only got to 24 mins before abs portion, Aria wouldn't sleep)
23rd- Bikini kettlebell (with 8/5 kg)

28th- 20 min walk, Burn it up HIIT (modified abs section to standing abs), 5 min fat burner,


4th May- 25 min weighted cardio using range of different weights

10th & 11th May- I had a migraine :(

15th- 4.5 mile walk (at the beach)
17th- Made up my own routine holding Aria.. squats, bulgarian split squats, bridges, deadliest etc just 2 sets of 10 reps

19th- Tone it up 7 min HIIT x 3 rounds
24th- 30 min walk pushing Sienna in pushchair & wearing Aria in wrap, 1 round of Anna Saccone's summer workout

29th- 3 rounds of Anna Saccone's summer workout
30th- 4km walk carrying Aria

(half term & then bluestone.. no 'workouts' but lots of walking and general housework/looking after kids!)

20th- Sleek tank top arms, Toned arms & sculpted back (except supermans because painful boobs!) 15 min walk,

9th- This baby workout (3 sets of 10 reps)
10th- 4 mins to a hot body, 1 round of this plank workout, 20 russian twists, 20 tone it up tummy tucks,

15th- Biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs.. only 3 rounds of ten reps, abs still the same amount of reps,
17th- Long easy walk - couple of hours round a show
18th- Jumping jack circuit
20th- Anna Saccone workout routine week 2 x 3 rounds (except abs)

23rd- 20 minute cardio burn
26th- 20 min easy walk, 15 min kettlebell arms,
27th- Carifit whole body burn wearing Aria

31st- Upper body superset,
2nd August- this plank routine x2

6th- #leanin15 cardio HIIT (from the book 20 secs on, 30 secs off)
7th- #leanin15 Resistance HIIT (from the book using 5kg)
8th- #leanin15 cardio HIIT (from the book 20 secs on, 30 secs off)

10th- #leanin15 cardio resistance HIIT (from the book using 5kg)
12th-  this plank routine x2
15th- Upper body superset (hurt my foot so can't do much else)

17th- Lower body burnout

(week of migraines & hurt foot)

25th- this plank routine, 30 min kickboxing,
26th- Long walk pushing the pushchair
28th- Total body tone up

5th Sep- no more muffin top, Blake lively full body workout, exercise ball ab workout,
6th - #leanin15 resistance HIIT
9th- Muffin top drops, tricep dips, weighted squats, upright rows, crunches on exercise ball.. 10 reps and 5 rounds

13th- Fat burning HIIT & abs
16th- hour long walk pushing Aria

20th- Plank routine x 1, total body workout


31st October- Love your body HIIT
9th November- 15 min insanity cardio


20th - Slay with K&K
23rd- Carly Rowena's butt & thigh workout 2x 10 reps max 6kg

4th December - 25 min bodyweight workout
5th - Perfect legs
7th- Kettle booty

12th- squats, deadlift, row, (all weighted) 7 reps of each 10 sets, 20 side abductors,
16th- squats, deadlift, side abductors, bridge lift, (all weighted) 10 reps of each 5 sets
18th- Em talks ab moves x2,

22nd- Em talks best leg moves x 2 (second round with 6kg weight), 1 min weighted bridge raises (6kg) 1 min russians twists with 6kg and 30 sec v sits, 30 sec plank

16th Jan- Ultimate lift & tone booty

March 17th - Ultimate fat burn, 5 moves to your fittest butt

27th-  Ultimate fat burn, 5 min fat attack, standing abs with no weight,

3rd April - Summer workout routine x3
6th April - 8 min cardio workout x2

12th - Summer routine week 2 x 3

24th - Summer routine week 2 x 2
27th - Summer routine 3 x 3

15th May - Love your body HIIT

24th May- 10 min cardio & walk with Aria


10th Sep - 10 min cardio
13th - Fun indoor cardio, outer thighs and lean legs

19th - Sarah Days 15 min fat burning HIIT
21st - Squat jumps 3x 12 reps, curtsey lunge 3x12 reps each side, 6 mins to a sexy booty,

24th- Sarah Days 15 min fat burning HIIT
27th- 30 minute walk pushing Aria
29th- At home full body workout


28th Oct 2017- 25 min legs & butt
1st Nov - 20 min standing core, walk to toddler group

6th Nov - 10min travel workout 

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