Friday, 6 December 2019

Elf Hunt at Farringtons 2019!

Last weekend, we visited Farrington's farm park for their Elf hunt. We're big fans of Farrington's already, it's usually where we go to the pumpkin patch and we've always thoroughly enjoy a day out there. We went along with all 3 girls and at ages 7, 3 and 15 months, they all enjoyed it, as did we.

elf hunt at farringtons 2019

They all enrolled in 'Elf academy' and had to be equipped with a jingly elf hat and rosy red cheeks which was super cute, Roma still loves wearing her elf hat round the house.

Friday, 29 November 2019

Home updates so far - November 2019 (9 months on)

Happy Friday everyone! Long time no speak on my blog but I am trying to bring it back now I am out of the baby stage with Roma. She is now 15 months old, so very much in toddlerville. It's easier in some ways yet harder in other ways but I am hoping to find slots of time to be able to blog again as I have missed it so much!

For today's post, I thought I would do some before and afters of the house so far - we are 9 months into renovating and we now have every room functional (although not 100% finished). It is maybe slower than other peoples but we are doing ours on a budget- month to month and with 3 kids so honestly what do you expect? haha!

Ok so on with the photos as that's what you're really here for, right?!

Firstly, here is our whole empty house tour before we started anything:

I'll start with the kitchen as that has had the most drastic change! Here is the before photos:

and this is how it's looking now (a video was easier to show):

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Our Europe travels: Lisbon sight seeing with kids!

*We were gifted our flights, accommodation & WithLocals tours but paid for everything else ourselves*

 On our Europe travels last year, Lisbon was probably our favourite destination. It's bright, colourful and quirky yet family friendly too. I love the tram lines, cobbled streets and graffiti walls everywhere and so did the kids. The only down side about it is the streets are quite narrow and very steep. Getting to our air b'n'b was a bit interesting but actually pushing the stroller around wasn't too bad in the main centre.

Lisbon sight seeing with kids
Lisbon sight seeing with kids

One our bucket list, was to go to the 'Sexiest WC on Earth' which is located on the main square of Praรงa do Comรฉrcio near the Tagus River. It was a fun experience and the girls loved it. You basically get to choose your own colour toilet roll to use off the wall. It's one Euro each and the toilets are quirky. You can also buy napkins and toilet roll at the shop so we bought some bright pink toilet roll home with us! I'd recommend paying a visit if you go!

Lisbon sight seeing with kids

On the walk back from there, there is a very talented man using all the rocks on the side of the river to make statues. He just balances all of the rock on one another and thats it - it's very clever and the girls loved watching him and seeing what he'd done!

Saturday, 23 March 2019

We bought our first house; our journey!

It's official - we have our first family home. It's been quite a quick process considering we weren't even really considering buying when we viewed a house for rent back in November last year.

We viewed the house to rent & really liked it but I just longed to buy & felt it was such a big amount of money to be spending every month when we couldn't really change anything & still couldn't make it how we wanted it.

We decided to look around at what was available to buy in our area just for the sake of it really and found one in the area we wanted that was quite 'cheap' for 3 bedrooms. We worked out that if we could only put down a 5% deposit instead of 10%.. we would soon have that amount in savings as I was due in some big payments from brand work I had previously done that year.

We booked a viewing of the house and we were waiting for them to say something was wrong with it because of the price but actually it had just been reduced as they tried to sell previously but it fell through and they wanted to sell it quickly now.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

6 months of 3 sisters

It's been a whirlwind the past 6 months, Roma has slotted into our family so easily and it has absolutely flown by! I remember the day we bought her home like it was yesterday. The two eldest girls have been amazing, just as I always knew they would be. 

Aria has really surprised us at how loving and affectionate she has been towards Roma, from the beginning until now. There was a slight spell of jealousy but it was mainly directed towards me, not Roma. She has never been too rough with her or said she doesn't want her here.

Both girls are more than amazing big sisters, Roma is a very lucky little sister. They've wanted to hold her and rock her since day one. If she starts crying they immediately start singing to calm her down, they 'shh' her and stroke her face in the gentlest way. They love sharing experiences with her when we're on day out, showing her colours and teaching her animal noises.