Sunday, 28 February 2016

Two kids & losing our hair

Having two little ladies is amazing & wonderful... until the dreaded evening. Everything happens at once.. Sienna's on meltdown mode from about 4pm (3pm if she hasn't napped and she's been at playgroup), dinner needs cooking, then Aria needs feeding, they need a bath, Sienna a story & bed, Aria feeding again, I need to shower and then cram in some kind of work and feed Aria again (for who knows how long). 

It's definitely the part of the day we're struggling with the most.. I feel good all day and like I have everything under control until the dreaded 5pm mark and then the stress takes over. Warren is so laid back he doesn't really feel the stress.. he just tells me to breath and not worry about the small things. I try but it's just so hard.. I feel like I have to be super mum and if I forget to clean Sienna's teeth I feel like I've failed. At this rate it will be me needing a hair transplant as well as Warren haha (he's always on about one for his receding hair line)!
I'm sure as time goes on & Aria gets older things will get a little better and we'll work out some kind of routine but until then I'll just try to breath and keep hold of my hair...

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