Wednesday, 2 November 2016

funny things my 4 year old says #12

funny things my 4 year old says

'I burst with happiness because I love my baby sister so much' (this one made me tear up!)


Me: 'you've got paint on your eyelid'

SiSi: 'hahahahahaha this is the most hilarious day ever!!'


Me: 'I'll be 2 minutes' (I'm gone about a minute)

SiSi: 'Mummy, that was two AND A HALF minutes, not two minutes!'


'I don't have a husband, I only have a wife'


'My new favourite word is 'noyesnomoneyno'


'I don't like the pool, the water is too wet'


'I'm so excited I've gone all wobbly'


'It was rumbly, tumbly fun'

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