Thursday, 5 January 2017

funny things my 4 year old says #13

4 year olds say the funniest things so I try to keep track of what Sienna says. She has such a funny personality and character (she gets it from her Dad) and I love it! If you want to hear what funny things my 4 year old says then read on!

questions 4 year olds ask

Looking for the elf.. 'Mummy, where ELF could he be' *laughs hysterically*


SiSi: 'Mummy, it's twenty to one'

Me: 'Oh is it?'

SiSi: 'Well I don't know you'll have to look, I don't now times yet I'm only 4 years old'


'In a minute, can we do a compare on how long we are?'


'If wishes came true, I'd wish that flowers wouldn't dead'


I'm hungry. Hungaaaaaarian!


'Mummy, watch me go invisible!' *Hides under the duvet* 'See! I'm invisible! You can't see me can you?!'


Warren: 'Do you know what presents the three kings bought Jesus?'

SiSi: 'Yes... Gold, Myrrh and Frankenstein'


*pestering Warren for a baby brother*
'Come on Daddy, we need a baby boy, we need some more boys in this house. You can stop the girls growing in Mummy's tummy can't you?!'


SiSi: 'Mummy can I jump on the sofa?'

Me: 'Not really Sienna'

SiSi: 'Oh mummy you're ruining my life. My heart is breaking!'


Me: 'Sienna please can you start listening to us'

SiSi: 'Ok.. I'm going to start tomorrow. Listen-ness is going to come to me, it will go right in me'


'You can't have anymore babies mummy because the shops will run out of tadpoles!'


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