Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Me & Mine: January 2017

Me & mine is back this year, I'm determined to try and do a full year as I haven't managed that yet and I always forget to get our family photos & get the post up haha! These were taken nice & early on in the month, so that I had knew I had them when today rolled around! 

We had a lovely post Christmas walk before Warren went back to work on 2nd January. It was Aria's first walk outside & she loved it, I think Piper loved being out after all the craziness of Christmas too, she was going crazy darting around everywhere.

This month...

Warren has been liking..
Saving money
His new aftershave
Editing the vlogs
Facebook lives

Kerry has been liking...
Daily vlogging

has been liking..
Disney junior channel
Playing babies
Being back at pre-school

has been liking..
Her walker
Peppa pig
Roaring like a lion

I love this photo above, it looks like Warren is pulling Sienna's hair but I promise he isn't! He was holding Piper's lead and Sienna's in the middle of a melt down and just about to throw her hands down, haha!



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