Monday, 22 May 2017

funny things my 4 year old says #17

'Daddy, this orange juice is so strong I almost can't taste it!'


'You know pigs lay ham? Giraffe's make skittles!'


'Daddy, can you hear my ear blocking up? ... Oh no, because it's in my ear haha!'


*Piper is our dog, she was having a phantom pregnancy*

'Piper, you're having birth aren't you? I can see you're definitely having birth'


'Aria, nothing is perfect without you by my side!'


*watching Moana*

'They have coconuts with no coke in them!' She means coca-cola obviously ;)


'Daddy, I slep so well last night!'


*just after she'd be sick* 

'Oh, it wasn't worth having that Chinese was it! It only stayed in for 10 minutes, I'ms so sad about that!'


*listening to a song on the radio* 

'Mummum, how can a body even be sexy?!'


'Do you know what size spider Rosie likes? ... One's that can pick her up! I've never seen one that big, have you Mummy?'


Me: 'Oh wow Sienna you got a torch'

SiSi: 'Mummy, it's a PROJECTOR! It's PROJECTS an image onto the wall you see'


'Mummy, I have a question... Sooooo.. I have always wondered how batteries work?!'


*watching me edit a thumbnail picture* 

SiSi: 'What are you doing with that picture?'

Me: 'I'm cutting it out from the background to put it onto another picture'

SiSi: 'Oh.. do you mean you are cutting the excess off?!'

Me: 'Well yes if you want to get technical.. How do you even know the word excess and what it means?'

SiSi: 'MUMMY... it's from watching egg surprise on YouTube of course! I learn so much!'


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