Wednesday, 12 December 2018

A Staycation Wishlist for 2019

With the frantic preparations for Christmas currently getting will underway it can be all too easy to
forget that while Christmas is undeniably a magical time of year, it is also one of those occasions
where if you blink – you’re likely to miss it. After all, once the last of the turkey sandwiches have
been consumed and the buzz of general overindulgence has worn off, many of us find ourselves
snapping back to reality and the seeming inevitable conclusion that now is the time to ease up and
tighten our belts, be that financially, gastrically or both!

Admittedly with all this talk of restraint following the Christmas holiday it’s possible that you might
be starting to feel a little gloomy, however the beginning of a new year is an incredibly exciting time
and presents the perfect opportunity to plan a getaway to one of the UK’s fantastic selection of
holiday cottages. Whether you want to take the time to indulge in a relaxing detox, spend some
quality time with your family or even escape to a secluded hideaway with your significant other,
there are literally thousands of unique cottages across the UK that each offer something a little
different to banish the post-Christmas blues.

Time for a Recharge
Whether you’ve decided to eat better and exercise more, or want to escape the rush of city life, a
detoxing getaway is fantastic way to recover from having eaten too much, or even to embark of a
‘digital detox’ away from the endless buzz of social media – even we bloggers need a break from
time to time! Holidays should be good for the soul as much as for your body, so why not consider
combining an active getaway with your favourite hobby? You can be as adventurous or as relaxed as
you like, but the important thing is to do something that makes you feel better.

Active getaways could include hiking expeditions, horse riding or simply exploring one of the UK’s
amazing national parks. With so many varied lakes and coastal regions around the country, you can
also have a go at spot of sailing, or even braving the waves for some surfing or swimming – provided
that it’s not too cold! A detox escape can centre around anything from birdwatching to skydiving, or
simply just switching off your digital device for a few hours. In the end it should all about doing
what’s right for you.

Just for Two
If the you want to get away, but the cooler weather isn’t necessarily for you, why not consider a
romantic escape with a loved-one? A romantic break is as invigorating as an active holiday and what
could be better than curling up next to a warm fire? Many of the UK’s holiday cottages offer breath-
taking scenic views, hot hubs or gentle walks to friendly local pubs and restaurants, so you’ll never
be short of indulgent inspiration to help you forget the rest of the world and focus on what truly

The advantage of opting to enjoy a staycation in a holiday cottage is that the options available to you
really are limitless! Regardless of whether you are looking for a traditional country home or a
contemporary seaside apartment, or anything in between, the perfect holiday home for you is out
there, meaning that all you need to do is decide which is the more romantic between red or white
wine – or Champaign?

As a family
One of the greatest joys in life is in spending time together as a family and it’s never too early to plan a last-minute escape or to secure your perfect summer holiday home – that way you get to enjoy seeing the anticipation build as everyone looks forward to a memorable family getaway! Original Cottages offer hundreds of properties that are ideal for families travelling with children and with so many different configurations to choose from there is something to fit every family, from couples with new-borns to families with 2.4 children and pets! Some properties are also part of a group of cottages or large enough to cater to groups of guests, meaning that you can even push for that family reunion or extra special birthday celebration you keep thinking talking about.

Many properties are also set close to a fantastic selection of family attractions that include
everything from zoos and wildlife centres to fully-fledge theme parks. If you prefer something
quieter with a more relaxed pace, then why not explore a local museum or art gallery. With so much
on offer, you’ll never be short of inspiration for an exciting day out.

Whatever you decide that you’d like to do in 2019, remember that New Year is a wonderful time to
make resolutions and plan precious family moments for the coming months, so don’t be troubled by
the gloomy weather and instead take advantage the opportunity to tailor the perfect holiday for you
and your family.

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